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A Guide to the Best Pickpocket Proof Clothing For Travel

Travel clothing with hidden pockets is not a new concept. Thankfully pickpocket-proof clothing for travel is now more practical, secure, and stylish than ever before. 

You no longer have to stand out as a tourist, sacrificing your own personal style and comfort whilst trying to stay safe when you travel. The travel clothing market is now more fashionable than ever.

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While comfort and practicality are still at the forefront of design, style is becoming an equally important factor in travel clothing lines. A trend that is also becoming more popular in the anti-theft bag market with stylish anti-theft backpacks designed specifically with women and fashion in mind.  

Travel clothing companies now apply the same comfort and fashion-forward principles to anti-theft and pickpocket-proof clothing and accessories such as the often used, pickpocket-proof pants.

Or rather – are introducing pickpocket-proof functionality to the latest travel clothing trends and styles.

pickpocket proof pants

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Staying Safe While You Travel

We believe some of the easiest ways to stay safe when you travel is in the preparation before you travel, being aware while you travel, and not drawing attention to yourself as an easy target.

The way you dress is just one way you can minimize your chances of any unwanted attention from thieves and pickpockets, especially in destinations like Marrakech in Morocco or the Bazaars of Istanbul.

We have rounded up some stylish anti-theft travel jackets that will see you through from sightseeing to dinner. Pickpocket-proof pants with classic and sleek lines.

Even some pocket worthy briefs that will keep more than the family jewels safe.

We have covered them all in this handy guide, separated into travel clothes for women and men for easy navigation. 

How to Avoid Pickpockets

The easiest way to avoid pickpockets is to be diligent, especially in crowded tourist areas such as Rome or travelling across a country such as Morocco by train. These are just some of the things to consider when travelling. 

  • Keep bags close to you and zipped up — preferably worn crossbody, not over the shoulder. A good anti-theft travel handbag or anti-theft backpack is always a great travel investment. There are also lots of very stylish anti theft fanny packs and waist bags on the market now which can be worn around the waist or crossbody.
  • Don’t flash lots of money around or wear fancy expensive jewellery or clothing arts. You will only attract attention to yourself. 
  • Discreet clothing that doesn’t scream tourist is always best. This is why the best pickpocket-proof clothing has discreet pockets and is styled similar to normal fashion trends. 
  • Don’t place anything of value in a pocket that does not close securely and preferably never in a back pocket. 
  • Be aware of people creating strange distractions, especially children and don’t allow people to crowd you unnecessarily. 
  • If an interaction with a stranger doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. Keep your distance.

Take Care of Your Own Belongings

Too often we see tourists walking around with bags gaping open, wallets and phones hanging out of their back pockets or even handbags swinging from a street-side restaurant chair. A common sight with visitors to Rome and Paris.

When these travellers lose something, their first thought is they have been pickpocketed.

More than likely they have. After all, these travellers have made themselves an easy target. However, it is often a case of things left behind, phones falling out of an open backpack, or cash falling out of a gaping side pocket. 


Each day around the world, more than 400,000 travellers are targeted by pickpockets. Even more simply forget or misplace their valuables while they are travelling. 

Anti-theft travel gear and pickpocket-proof clothing are only as good as you are careful with your belongings. It will stop a thief from slipping a hand in your pocket, but it can’t help you if you don’t zip up first. 

Buying Guide for Pickpocket Proof Clothing For Travel

What is Pickpocket Proof Clothing?

Pickpocket-proof clothing is essentially a piece of clothing with functionality to prevent thieves from accessing and removing valuables from your person.

These features may include internal pockets, hidden pockets, or zippered pockets.  

What features Should Good Pickpocket Proof Clothing Have?

  • Good pickpocket-proof clothing doesn’t need to have lots of pockets, although many travel garments do. They just need to have at least one secure pocket. 
  • Pockets should be discreet, not like fashion cargo pants or shorts where the pockets are obvious and easy to access.
  • Ideally, all secure pockets should have a zip closure, preferably a zip hidden in a seam or be virtually impossible for a thief to slip their hand in by way of a button closure tab or similar. 
  • Hidden pockets with secure closures. 

Choosing the Right Pickpocket Proof Clothing for Travel

Many travel clothing companies will advertise garments with lots of pockets as an alternative to using your carry on baggage for travel essentials.

Do not confuse these albeit handy travel clothes for pickpocket proof clothing. Lots of pockets do not always equate to safe – just convenience. 

Make sure the pickpocket proof clothing you choose is firstly comfortable and a design you like. The clothing will not keep your valuables safe if you don’t like wearing them.

When Choosing Anti Pickpocket Travel Wear Consider the Following:


Check the garment has the pocket configuration you need and like.

There is no point buying a pair of travel pants with 15 pockets when all you need is two secure pockets for cash and passports. Or a travel jacket has 20 pockets, but none of them fit what you want to carry.

Once you have decided on a design, then check the quality of the secure pockets and make sure they suit the purpose – do you need to access the items regularly from the pocket or keep them stowed away for long periods?

These factors will determine the type of pockets you want or need.  

Construction & Material

When choosing clothes for travel – comfort, wearability, and durability are paramount.

  • Check the fabric and the design allows comfortable movement.
  • Is the fabric breathable or does it have moisture-wicking?
  • Is the garment quick-drying, is it water and stain repellant?
  • Is the weight of the garment suitable for the climate you will be travelling to?
  • Are the secure pocket closures high quality and reliable, e.g. zips or button closures?


  • Is the design suited for a flexible fit or is the cut right for you? 
  • Think about how much stuff you will want to carry in the pocket configuration and how that may affect the size you need. 


Again, think about breathable fabrics, stretch, and movability. Do the design and fabric allow for comfortable movement?

Will the design be comfortable and suitable for the type of travel you are doing? 


Is the style something you would usually wear? If not, maybe look for something more towards your style; otherwise, you may be inclined not to wear it.

Is the pickpocket proof features discreet in relation to the style and cut of the garment? The best pickpocket proof clothes are ones you don’t even realize are. 

Choosing Anti Pickpocket Travel Wear Consider

The Best PickPocket Proof Clothing Reviews

We have picked out the best pickpocket proof and hidden pocket clothing for travel based on anti-theft functionality, style and wearability.

Travel clothing that is comfortable and doesn’t make you stand out while keeping all your belongings safe and organised. 

Pickpocket proof Travel Clothing for Women

Womens Travel Jacket With Hidden Pockets

When deciding on what makes the best travel jacket think about the design – do you really like it?

Think about the pocket configuration you need, the weight of the jacket for the climate and the comfort and practicality in relation to the type of travel you will be doing. 

SCOTTeVEST 20 Pocket Travel Trench Coat

SCOTTeVEST Women's Rhonda Winter Trench Coat | 20 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket

A functional and fashionable women’s classically styled trench coat, this jacket works for both dressy and casual travel situations. With loads of pockets to keep items such as iPads, phones, sunglasses etc, the coat is designed with a weight management system to balance the weight and prevent that weighed down, bulky look.

Most importantly, there are also plenty of secure concealed pockets for keeping valuables safe, including a designated ID pocket.

  • Large and deep exterior handwarmer pockets have magnetic closures. There is a section for a water bottle, a keychain attachment as well as a sealed inner pocket to keep small items secure. 
  • Large exterior chest pockets have concealed vertical zippers. 
  • Interior chest pockets are secure but still easy to access with hook & loop top closures and partial zippers. 
  • Mid-size interior pockets have horizontal zippers suitable for travel documents or wallets. 
SCOTTeVEST Women's Rhonda Winter Trench Coat | 20 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket
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ExOfficio Womens FlyQ Jacket

ExOfficio Women's FlyQ Jacket, Tawny, Medium

We love this versatile and stylish travel jacket. With Teflon Shield+, the jacket is water, stain, and wind-resistant.

It has a smart centre front two-way zipper with snap front placket and interior drawcord waistband to give shape or cinch for comfort.

The hand pockets both have security zips and it also has a removable security zip, interior pocket travel system. Perfect for airport security. 

The interior chest pocket features RFID blocking capabilities with Silver plated technology that uses electromagnetic fields to block access to your passport and credit card information. 

ExOfficio Women's FlyQ Jacket, Tawny, Medium
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ExOfficio Womens Round Trip Jacket

ExOfficio Women's Round Trip Jacket, Black Medium

From country hikes to city strolls, this versatile travel jacket is perfect for any travel occasion. Featuring the TSA friendly advanced FlyQ 6-Pocket System, you have plenty of pockets to keep all your gear safe and organized without looking bulky. 

Pockets include features such as soft linings for glasses, key clips, and clear pockets compatible with touch screens. 

As well as safe interior pockets, there is an exterior security zip chest pocket and the front handwarmer pockets have over-sized button closures with zip closures under the flaps for added security. 

The waist cinches in for better fit or to change the look from a standard travel jacket to a tailored jacket, and the back has a drop-tail hem for added coverage. It comes in Black and Cigar.

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Made with a cotton blend Teflon treated fabric for water and stain resistance, it also features a weight management system which balances the weight to prevent that overloaded, bulky look.

With 25 pockets to keep items such as iPads, phones, sunglasses etc. the jacket also has an RFID blocking pocket made with a specially engineered material that keeps your credit card and passport information secure from high-tech skimmers and thieves by blocking 13.56 MHz frequencies.

The jacket also features zip-off sleeves to convert from jacket to vest and back in seconds for further versatility. 

SCOTTeVEST Women's Standard Travel Jacket | 25 Secure Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket
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SCOTTeVEST Chloe Glow Pickpocket Proof Travel Jacket 18 Pocket

SCOTTeVEST Women's Chloe Glow Travel Hoodie | 18 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket

Made from moisture-wicking machine washable fabric this is a comfortable, easy wear, easy care jacket for travel. 

Rib-knit cuffs with hidden thumb-holes provide added function and comfort. The perfect jacket for long travel days.

It has 18 useful pockets loaded with features to keep your items organized and safe. Store everything from tablet devices or small laptops, water bottles, and keys, and keep money and ID safe in internal and security zip pockets without feeling weighed down.

The weight management system takes the drag out even when fully loaded. It comes in four colours. 

SCOTTeVEST Women's Chloe Glow Travel Hoodie | 18 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket
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Travel Vests With Hidden Pockets

You may have opted for a travel jacket that converts to a vest, but some people like to have a travel vest independent of a jacket.

It could be the design of the vest or the weight for the climate you will be travelling in.

Either way, the same principles apply – first choose a style you will feel comfortable wearing. Look for discreet pockets and remember, lots of pockets don’t always make it safe.

Choose a pocket configuration that suits your needs. 

ExOfficio Womens FlyQ Vest

ExOfficio Women's FlyQ Vest, Black, X-Small

Water, wind and stain resistant thanks to its Teflon Shield+, this versatile travel vest is loaded with features without looking like a traditional multi-pocket vest.

The interior chest pocket features Silver plated technology to block access to your passport and credit card information using electromagnetic fields.

An interior pocket travel system has a removable security zip pocket organizer. It also has security zips on both hand pockets,

The smart centre front two-way zipper with snap front placket gives the vest a streamlined, modern look. It comes in four colours.

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SCOTTeVEST Womens Featherweight 16 Pocket Vest

SCOTTeVEST Women's Featherweight Travel Vest | 16 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket

A featherweight gadget-friendly 16 pocket travel vest loaded with features to keep your personal items organised and safe while you travel.

The 16 security pockets include:

  • 2 exterior chest pockets with vertical zippers for quick access to your smartphone or passport. 
  • Oversize the internal “Pad” pocket for a tablet or small laptop. 
  • Designated RFID blocking pocket designed with specially engineered pocket material that blocks 13.56 MHz frequencies to keep credit card and passport information safe.

While the jacket is feather-light, perfect for warm weather and summer travel, the weight management system prevents it from looking overloaded even when full. Comes in three colours.

SCOTTeVEST Women's Featherweight Travel Vest | 16 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket
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Womens Travel Shirts With Hidden Pockets

Clever Travel Companion Womens Fitted V Neck T Shirt with 2 Secret Pockets

Clever Travel Companion Women's Fitted V-Neck Travel Safety T-Shirt with 2 Pickpocket and Loss Proof Secret Pockets (Medium, Gray)

Clever Travel Companion women’s pickpocket proof V-neck t-shirts, with hidden pockets under each arm, hold your passport, credit cards, and cash. Even keys and cell phones fit easily.

A great travel base layer for hot and cold climates, this tee works well on its own or when paired under a shirt or with a cardigan.

They have quality plastic zippers with metal pulls and is made from cotton spandex so retains a nice fitted shape. It is light and is comfortable even when the pockets are full. It comes in four colours.

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SCOTTeVEST Pickpocket Proof Travel Cardigan 4 Pocket

SCOTTeVEST Women's Lucy Travel Cardigan | 4 Secure Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket Violet

A versatile travel cardigan that works for both dressy and casual travel situations. Made of jersey knit, super-soft DuPont Sorona fabric, the Madeline cardigan is wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, and most importantly – the fabric is quick-drying and breathable which is essential for travel.

The cardigan has 4 pockets – 2 main pockets with a hidden, zippered pocket within each.

The weight management system is specially engineered to balance the weight load across the entire garment making sure you don’t end up with that overloaded bulky look. It comes in four colours.

SCOTTeVEST Women's Lucy Travel Cardigan | 4 Secure Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket Violet
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Pickpocket Proof Pants for Women

Never confuse travel cargo pants & anti-pickpocket pants. Women’s travel pants with pockets come in a myriad of designs for all kinds of travel, sometimes with more pockets than you know what to do with.

Remember, it is not the number of pockets that will keep your belongings safe, it is the pocket configuration and closures that count. 

When it comes to travel pants, comfort is paramount so don’t be tempted to go for more pockets than you need.

Two to three secure pockets are usually enough for normal travel, especially if you are wearing a pickpocket-proof jacket or have an anti-theft handbag.

Go for more pockets if the style of travel calls for it, just make sure they are secure. 

ExOfficio Womens Venture Pant

ExOfficio Women's Venture Pants Dark Pebble 6 32

Based on the classic 5-pocket jean design, these travel pants also feature a contoured waistband and interior back elastic for great fit, clean line styling, and comfort.

Made with lightweight UPF 50 fabric which is treated with DWR Teflon Shield for excellent water and stain resistance, they are a very functional and flattering travel pant for warmer weather travel.

The right side features a hidden security zip pocket large enough to conceal your passport or other smaller valuable items. 

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ExOfficio Sol Cool Costera Ankle Pant

ExOfficio Women's Costera Lightweight Ankle Pants, Carbon, 12

We love the versatility of these travel pants for both casual and dressy occasions. Great for when you need to travel light.

The lightweight fabric and ankle-length silhouette work equally well for travel days as dinners in town — an excellent pant for long days of sightseeing which move to dinner.

The right pocket has a hidden zip pocket large enough to store your passport securely or other smaller valuable items such as phones, credit cards, or money.

The UPF 50 rated fabric also features odour-resistant Silvadur technology which uses silver ions to keep the pants fresher longer which means you need to wash them less. Another win for lightweight travel.

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SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux 11 Pocket Travel Pants

SCOTTeVEST Women's Margaux Cargaux Travel Cargo Pants | 11 Concealed Pockets Black

These travel pants are loaded with pickpocket proof features – 11 handy zip pockets and features, designed to carry all of your everyday travel necessities securely.

These pants are designed to stay looking sleek and flattering even with fully loaded pockets and the weight management system prevents them from feeling heavy.

Keep everything you need accessible without having to worry about pickpockets or items falling out.

The lightweight, quick-dry, breathable fabric keeps you comfortable and stays wrinkle-free.

Adjustable ankle tie details allow you to convert full-length pants into capris quickly and an adjustable waistband allows for a high or lowrise look. It comes in three colours.

SCOTTeVEST Women's Margaux Cargaux Travel Cargo Pants | 11 Concealed Pockets Black
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Pickpocket Proof Shorts for Women

While there are plenty of cargo-style shorts for travel on the market, you don’t have to completely forego style for function.

These travel shorts all feature at least one security zip pocket while staying lightweight, comfortable, and practical for different travel styles. 

ExOfficio Womens Basilica Fit Lightweight Shorts

ExOfficio Women's Basilica Relaxed Fit Lightweight Shorts, Black, 6

These shorts are a great go-to style for travel in warmer climates. Lightweight fabric with a relaxed fit, this design works equally well for day treks, sightseeing, and urban exploration.

A secure zippered front pocket allows you to keep items safe and easily accessible. Odour-resistant Silvadur technology uses silver ions to keep your shorts fresher longer.

Tencel-lyocell yarn derived from eucalyptus will keep you cool and dry while resisting wrinkles.

These are great shorts to take you from a day of sightseeing straight to dinner or a sunset cruise still feeling tidy and fresh. It comes in two colours. 

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ExOfficio Womens Costera Lightweight Bermuda Shorts

ExOfficio Women's Costera Lightweight Bermuda Shorts, Carbon, Size 4

Designed for an effortless, polished travel look, the longer-length Bermuda style works well for all travel situations – from plane or train travel to dinner on the beach.

A hidden zip pocket inside the right pocket keeps your passport, or other items secure yet accessible while travelling.

With comfort and style in mind; the contoured, tricot-lined waistband moves with you for a secure fit ensuring you’ll be comfortable from start to finish.

The Odour-resistant Silvadur technology and Tencel-lyocell yarn derived from eucalyptus ensure you stay cool, fresh, and wrinkle-free for longer.

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ExOfficio Womens Explorista Shorts

ExOfficio Women's Explorista Shorts, Black, 2

The Teflon SHIELD+ finish fabric makes these shorts durable, lightweight and quick drying. It also has a four-way opti-stretch for better movement. Perfect for long travel days, beach or hiking.
A 7-inch security zip pocket on right thigh allows you to keep items safe and secure no matter what activity you do.

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Exofficio Womens Cool Nomad Shorts

ExOfficio Women's Sol Cool Nomad Shorts, Road, 10

Designed with the nomad in mind; these shorts feature two security pockets – One security zip pocket on the right leg and another security zip pocket on the back right.
UPF 30+ sun protection, a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish and quick-drying nylon make these very practical travel shorts.

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Travel Skirts & Dresses with Hidden Pocket

We don’t automatically think of skirts and dresses as being pickpocket proof. It is possible to have a stylish skirt or dress for travel that features at least one security pocket.

Perfect for when you don’t want to carry a bag and only need to keep a few items secure. Paired with a pickpocket-proof shirt, you have loads of pockets to keep your valuables safe without feeling weighed down. 

ExOfficio Womens Kizmet Skort

ExOfficio Women's Kizmet Skort, Bay Leaf, 2

This stylish yet sporty, versatile skort is great for travel. The lightweight, the quick-dry fabric has a flattering drape as well as a four-way stretch for added comfort and mobility.

A back yoke ventilation system helps keep you cool and left side zipper for easy on/off. The right side has a hidden security zip pocket to keep valuables safe. Comes in three colours.

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ExOfficio Womens Kizmet Athletic Skort

ExOfficio Women's Kizmet Skort, Nordic, 2

Another stylish and versatile skort perfect for so many travel situations. Made with the ExOfficio signature Kizmet Stretch technical performance quick-dry fabric, UPF 50 sun protection, and four-way stretch for better mobility.

Two front hand pockets with an internal zipped pocket on the right keep items such as passports or phones secure.

A partial interior elastic waistband with drawstring provides a comfortable and adjustable fit.

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Packing Tip: Take An Anti-Theft Handbag

Pair these skirts and dresses with a stylish anti theft handbag for travel. 

Read our Buying Guide to The Best Anti Theft Handbags & Purses for Travel 

ExOfficio Womens Sol Cool Kaliani Long-Sleeve Hoody Dress

ExOfficio Women's Sol Cool Kaliani Long-Sleeve Hoody Dress, Carbon Heather, Large

We love this versatile travel dress. Perfect for summer and the shoulder seasons, it has two front hand pockets with a security zip inside the right pocket to keep valuables safe and secure. 

Hood feature and adjustable drawcord waistband make it easy to change the look to your style and shape. The drop-tail hem provides additional coverage while you walk

Stay cool and block the sun in summer. Pair with leggings, boots, and a light jacket for early spring or autumn.

Made with cooling/moisture-wicking fabric that wicks moisture and quickly releases heat, it creates a cooling sensation on the skin. 

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Womans Pickpocket Proof T Shirt Dress with Secret Zipper Pockets

Woman's Pickpocket Proof T-Shirt Dress with 2 Secret Zipper Pockets, Smart Choice for Perfect Holiday Tours (X-Large, Black)

This Women’s T-shirt dress has a secret pocket under each arm to keep your valuables safe.

Much like the women’s fitted V-neck t-shirt with 2 secret pockets from the same brand, this dress will hold your passport, credit cards and cash. Even keys and cell phones will fit nicely and are easily accessible.

The soft, lightweight fabric makes it a great travel dress for summer or, for layering in the shoulder seasons.

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Underwear With Pockets For Women

Underwear with pockets is the security garment of choice for many. Whether it be a pair of briefs with a secret pocket or two or a bra stash pouch that sits snug under your shirt, there is no doubt these undergarments will keep your small valuables safe. 

Stashitware Secret Pocket Underwear

Stashitware hidden pocket underwear comes in various designs. These are the two we believe are most practical for travel and keeping items secure. Both are cotton spandex with easy 6 “access / 8-10” deep front pocket for storing cash or cards. The pocket is well reinforced so items are secure and will not bulge.

Clever Travel Companion Womens Underwear with Secret Pocket

Women's Underwear with 2 Secret Zipper Pockets 100% Pickpocket & Loss Proof Tour Black

This lightweight underwear comes in a cute boy short style, with a gusset for comfort.

Designed not only for comfort, accessibility, practicality, and security but also for durability. These boy short style underwear, with gusset comfort, has two zippered pockets to fit a passport, credit cards, ID, cash – even cell phones and keys.

The pockets support themselves, ensuring the underwear maintains shape and will not stretch or tug even when pockets are full.

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Barbras 3 Pack Women’s Travel Pocket Girdle Brief Panties

Barbra’s Women’s Travel Pocket Underwear Girdle Brief Panties S-4XL (Large, 3 Pack)

Stay safe and look slim while you travel. These cotton spandex high waist panties shape and smooth the tummy, waist and hips for a slimmer look.

Made with elasticated material with cotton lining, for comfort.

A 6×6″ inch zip pocket on the front keeps valuables such as passport, cards, cash or keys safe.

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Pacsafe Coversafe Hidden Washable Travel Pouch for Women

Pacsafe Coversafe S25 Hidden Washable Undercover Travel Bra Pouch for Women, Orchid Pink, One Size

A better alternative to old fashioned neck wallets, keep your money, ID, and credit cards safe from pickpockets and thieves with a hidden bra stash pouch.

With a turn-and-snap connector clasp design, this travel pouch is easy to use and won’t unsnap accidentally.

Holds up to six credits cards, cash, and key, and the flat design makes this mini bra pouch hard to spot. It can be worn either in the centre or to the side of the bra and has adjustable elastic straps so the pouch will fit all bra sizes.

Made with soft, breathable, lingerie fabric, it lies comfortably and discreetly on the body underneath clothing.

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Stashbandz Lace Travel Money Belt with Silicone Grip

Stashbandz Running, Travel Money Belt & Fanny Pack with Silicone Grip Made of Pretty Lace Hip Travel Wallet, Mini Purse Belt with 4 Wide Pockets Fits All Cell Phones, USA Made

This versatile fashion travel money belt and waist pack will keep all your travel essentials safe while providing a slimming and or fashion look.

Made with stretchy French lace and Spandex mesh lining that keeps items concealed and provides a slimming tummy tuck look. Silicon “stay put” strips on the inside of the hip belt keep it in place for a secure no-slip fit.

The 6-inch wide waist belt has four 7″ pockets which have easy to access. There is enough room to hold a large phone, passport, cash, ID, keys, and much more.

Flat and lightweight, it sits discreetly under clothing or can be shown off as a fashion accessory.

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Pickpocket Proof Travel Clothes for Men

Men’s Travel Jacket With Hidden Pockets

The same goes for the men as the ladies – when deciding on what makes the best travel jacket, think about the design – Do you like it, does the cut feel comfortable, the climate you will be travelling in and is it practical for the style of travel you will be doing?

Then, think about the pocket configuration. How many pockets do you really need, how big do they need to be in relation to what you need to carry and how will this affect the size you need. You can find more men’s travel jacket with hidden pockets and reviews here. 

Versatile and fashionable, the Revolution Jacket features 25 pockets to securely store and organize all of your travel gadgets and essentials.

It also includes an oversize “Pad Pocket” to comfortably carry tablets or small laptops securely as well as “Clear Touch Pockets for in pocket device use. The weight management system prevents that weighed down a bulky look.

The perfect travel jacket for changeable conditions, removable sleeves convert the jacket into a stylish travel vest, and the adjustable and detachable hood rolls up into the collar for storage or, zip it off and store in one of the pockets.

Water-resistant fabric and magnetic wind-flap over the main zipper give you additional protection against the elements — a fantastic jacket for winter and shoulder season travel.

SCOTTeVEST Men's Revolution 2.0 Jacket Vest | 25 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket
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AyeGear J25 Jacket and vest with 25 Pockets

AyeGear J25 Jacket and Vest with 25 Pockets, Tablet iPad Pockets, Navy Blue XL

25 pockets, detachable sleeves and concealed hood, this jacket is versatile, warm and comfortable. Lightweight, waterproof, windproof and breathable to suit both hot and cold climates.

Keep all your valuables and electronics safe from pickpockets and inclement weather. Security pockets include:

AyeGear J25 Jacket and Vest with 25 Pockets, Tablet iPad Pockets, Navy Blue XL
  • 2 touch-sensitive pockets that allow you to use smartphone devices within the jacket’s pocket itself.
  • 2 large internal zipped pockets for tablets or 12″ laptop. – Carry any one or two tablet devices with you.
  • 1 large internal zipped pocket for 15″ laptop.
  • 4 credit card pockets
  • 4 memory stick & SD card pockets
  • 1 Passport pocket
  • 1 dedicated ID pocket

The jacket will not bulge or sag when it’s loaded up so you can be discreet about carrying expensive devices.

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ExOfficio Mens FlyQ Convertible Jacket

ExOfficio Men's FlyQ Convertible Jacket, Light Khaki, Medium

We love this versatile, all-rounder travel jacket for men. Made with Teflon Shield+ fabric, the jacket is water, stain, and wind-resistant.

With a zip front closure and feature front hand pockets, the jacket also converts to a stylish vest when the weather calls for it.

The jacket features an interior pocket travel system; as well as two security zip chest pockets and two security zip hand pockets to keep all your valuables safe and organised. It’s perfect for TSA screenings.

ExOfficio Men's FlyQ Convertible Jacket, Light Khaki, Medium

The interior chest pocket has RFID blocking capabilities with silver-plated technology that uses electromagnetic fields to prevent access to your passport and credit card information.

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SCOTTeVEST Tropiformer 22 Pocket Convertible Jacket

SCOTTeVEST Men's Tropiformer Travel Jacket | 22 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket

A super lightweight travel jacket that quickly transforms into a travel vest. Made from lightweight poly fabric that is breathable, quick-drying, with Teflon treatment for water and stain resistance. It also stays wrinkle-free no matter how you store it.

SCOTTeVEST Men's Tropiformer Travel Jacket | 22 Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket

Boasting 22 useful pockets the jacket also folds into a handy carry pouch in the back pocket when you are not using it. Perfect for easy travel storage.

Safe storage pockets include:

  • Pocket to hold tablet devices.
  • Interior clear touch pocket for touchscreen device usage.
  • Pockets to keep your passport, wallet, travel documents and other valuables safe.

It also has an adjustable and removable hood that packs into the collar,
the patented Personal Area Network (PAN) solution for built-in wire management and Weight Management System, and No Bulge pockets to distribute and maintain a streamlined look. It comes in five colors. 

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Travel Vests With Hidden Pockets

If you want a travel vest independent of your travel jacket, again, look for one that has the pocket configuration you need.

There is no need to opt for old-fashioned style travel vests loaded with outside pockets when there are some really stylish and streamline vests with hidden pockets on the market. 

ExOfficio Mens FlyQ Vest

ExOfficio Men's Flyq Vest, Cigar, Small

A versatile lightweight travel vest loaded with features without looking like an old fashioned multi-pocket travel vest.

Made with Teflon Shield+ fabric it is water, wind and stain resistant which is perfect for travel. An interior pocket travel system has a removable security zip pocket organizer as well as security zips on both hand pockets,

The interior RFID chest pocket features Silver plated technology which blocks access to your passport and credit card information using electromagnetic fields.

The vest maintains a streamlined, modern look even when fully loaded up. It comes in three colours. 

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AyeGear V26 Travel Vest with 26 Pockets

AyeGear V26 Vest with 26 Pockets, Dual Pockets for iPad or Tablets, Black XXL

A lightweight and durable travel vest, it is waterproof, windproof, and breathable, designed for warmer climates. The breathable fabric helps keep the wearer’s body stay cool at all times.

AyeGear V26 Vest with 26 Pockets, Dual Pockets for iPad or Tablets, Black XXL

It has 26 hidden and strategically placed pockets including 2 Clear Touch-sensitive pockets for smartphones & 2 Large internal zippered pockets for tablet or 12″ laptop.

It is TSA friendly so you don’t have to unpack all your gear at airport security and its smart-casual design makes it a great travel wardrobe staple.

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Mens Travel Shirts With Hidden Pockets

Hidden pocket T-Shirts make great travel bases for hot and cold climates. These travel tees work well on their own or when paired with a travel vest such as the ExOfficio Men’s FlyQ Vest or the Docksider 2 pocket shirt.

It gives you multiple style choices in changeable climates, as well as added security pockets for storing for keeping daily essentials and valuables.

Clever Travel Companion V Neck T Shirt with 2 Secret Pockets

100% cotton pickpocket-proof t-shirt with two lined and zippered side pockets. Keep your passport, cash, cards, even your phone safe and secure.

Pick-Pocket Proof T-Shirt with Secret Pocket (V-Neck) (Large, Grey)
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AyeGear T Shirt with 3 Discreet Pockets

Three discreet double stitched and extra secure pockets keep valuables safe. The relaxed fit looks good without looking weighed down. Comes in two colours.

AyeGear T3 Tshirt with 3 Discreet Pockets, Premium Quality, Ultra Soft Touch Feel, Sports and Travel Tshirt, Black XXL
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Pickpocket Proof Crew Necked Mens T Shirt with 2 Hidden Zipper Pockets

Lightweight, stretch fabric with a silky-soft feel, this round neck classic tee has two side hidden zip pockets large enough to hold a passport, cash, cards, and phones.

Pickpocket Proof Crew Necked Men's T-Shirt with 2 Hidden Zipper Pockets, 100% Pickpocket Proof Holiday Tour White
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SCOTTeVEST Pickpocket Proof Bamboo Polo 3 Pockets

Made with breathable bamboo, this classic men’s polo is odour resistant. Wicking fabric pulls moisture away to keep you feeling fresh.

One hidden chest pocket and two hidden side seam zippered pockets keep valuables safe and secure without looking bulky or weighed down. It comes in 8 colours.

SCOTTeVEST Men's Bamboo Polo Shirt | 3 Concealed Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket Forest Green
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SCOTTeVEST Docksider Shirt 2 Pocket

This smart casual, short-sleeved relaxed fit shirt is a great warm weather travel staple. It features seven secure pockets including side seam zippered pockets and zippered Crossdraw pocket as well as the “Mad Money Pocket” under the bottom button for a secret cash stash.

Comes in four plaid colour schemes

SCOTTeVEST Men's Docksider Travel Shirt | 7 Secure Pockets | Anti-Pickpocket
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Packing Tip: Take An Anti-Theft Backpack or Crossbody Bag

Pair these pickpocket proof clothes with a stylish men’s anti theft bag for travel. 

Read Our Complete Buying Guide to the Best Anti Theft Backpacks for Travel

Mens Pickpocket Proof Pants

The best travel pants for men should be comfortable and practical. While travel cargo pants are great for travel, you can now also get a variety of stylish pickpocket proof pants without needing to have countless pockets.

Lightweight pants for warm-weather travel, pickpocket proof jeans or even a traditional cut that will take you from sightseeing to dinner.  

ExOfficio Mens Dylan Midweight Stretch Jeans

ExOfficio Men's Dylan Midweight Stretch Jeans, Indigo, 36

We love these men’s pickpocket proof pants for travel. Unlike many travel pants, they don’t look like travel pants but are just as functional and comfortable.

There is no need for cargo style travel pants with loads of pockets when you can wear discreet and stylish jeans. These pants have plenty of pockets to keep your belongings safe.

A zippered leg pocket provides secure and easy access to your passport and additional hidden zippered pockets inside the waist and back pocket keep cash, cards, and other essentials secure.

An urban denim look design will take you from a long travel day to city sightseeing or a day hike to a casual dinner.

The midweight denim stretch fabric has breathable,moisture-wicking, quick-drying Sorbtek technology that keeps you dry and comfortable in any travel situation.

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Columbia Mens Global Adventure II Pant

Columbia Sportswear Men's Global Adventure II Pant, Kettle, 44 x 32

A relaxed fit straight leg pant perfect for summer or shoulder season travel. The design works for both daytime sightseeing and casual evenings out.

Made with a light-yet-durable stretch woven fabric for extreme comfort, and Omni-Shield Advanced Repellency makes the pants water-repellent which means you have to wash less. All great criteria for a travel pant.

The pants have a functional pocket configuration including button closures on the back pockets. However, there is only one security zip pocket on the side of the leg.

While this may be sufficient for many, some may prefer additional zip pockets. We still see these as an all-around good travel pant based on cut, look, comfort and secure pockets.

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Pickpocket Proof Shorts for Men

These are all great travel shorts for summer – lightweight, quick-dry and practical. The discreet pocket configuration will deter pickpockets and the designs will keep you comfortable in the warm weather.

Keep your gear safe from pickpockets as well and prevent items from falling out of loose short pockets. 

Mens Shorts Quick Dry Travel Shorts with Zipper and Hidden Stash Pockets

Mens Shorts with Zipper Pockets Quick Dry Travel Shorts (Medium, Black & Print)

Casual lightweight, quick-dry, shorts perfect for the beach, active travel, sightseeing, or long travel days.

Made with AeroCool Mesh Performance Fabric for superfast drying – you stay fresh and dry all day. An elastic waist with an inner drawstring allows for a better fit.

Each side has deep pockets with an invisible zipper for safe and discreet storage of keys, phones, passports etc. An internal hidden stash pocket is perfect for cards and extra cash.

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ExOfficio Mens Camino Shorts

ExOfficio Men's Sol Cool Camino 8.5'' Short, Tawny, 34

These pickpocket proof shorts are a discreet take on the cargo short. To security zip pockets in the leg give you space to store bulkier items with a separate cell phone pouch inside the right leg pocket.

Two security zip back pockets give you space to securely store smaller items such as wallets or cards.

Made with Sol Cool™ Jade fabric which wicks moisture, and quickly releases heat, keeping you cool and fresh throughout the day. 

Teflon Shield+ technology makes the shorts stain- and water-repellent so you can wear the shorts longer, reducing washing.

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Mens Pouch Underwear

Much like the ladies, many male travellers opt for underwear with pockets over the traditional neck pouch or fanny pack.

These secret pocket briefs come in on top for the quality of the garment and the hidden pocket, comfort, and allowable space for smaller valuable items. 

Stashitware Secret Pocket Underwear Boxer Brief

Stashitware, Small, Pocket Boxer Brief Underwear. Blue

Stashitware hidden pocket underwear is practical underwear for travel and keeping items secure.

The boxer brief has a comfortable 6 “access / 12-14” deep front pocket for storing valuables such as passport, cash or cards. The pouch is well stitched and reinforced so items are secure and will not look obvious.

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Clever Travel Companion Mens Underwear with Secret Pocket

Pick-Pocket Proof Men's Underwear with Secret Pocket (Cotton) (Small, Black)

These men’s pickpocket proof underwear with two zippered pockets come in a comfortable boxer brief style with two button fly.

The pockets have space for passports, cash, cards, even your phone. The pockets support themselves, so the underwear maintains its shape so they will not stretch or tug even when the pockets are full.

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Unisex Pickpocket proof Clothing and Accessories

Unisex Tank Tops With Hidden Pockets

These unisex tank tops with zippered secret pockets are a great travel packing staple on their own in summer or, for layering in any season.

Made from comfortable cotton spandex, both have high quality, zippered and lined pockets suitable for storing passports, cash, cards, even cell phones.

Just decide if you need one or two pockets. Comes in three colours. 

Clever Travel Companion Unisex Tank top with secret pocket

Unisex Tank Top with Hidden Zipper Pockets, 100% Pickpocket Proof Holiday Tour
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Clever Travel Companion Unisex Tank Top with Two Secret Pockets

Unisex Tank Top with Hidden Zipper Pockets, 100% Pickpocket Proof Holiday Tour
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Unisex Long Johns

Clever Travel Companion Long Johns with Secret Pockets

Clever Travel Companion Unisex Traveling Long Johns with Two Secret Zipper Pockets, 100% Pickpocket Proof Holiday Tour (Brown-White, Medium)

The perfect solution for cold weather travel. These unisex long johns have two high quality, zippered and lined pockets that comfortably hold and protect passports, cash, credit cards etc.

The classic long john design with two-button fly suits both men and women. It comes in three-stripe design colours.

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Travel Money Belts

Stashbandz Unisex Money Travel Belt Waist Pack 4 Security Pockets

Stashbandz Unisex Running Belt Waist Pack, Insulin Pump Belt, Travel Money Belt, Fanny Pack and, Secure Items with 3 Large Security Pockets Plus One Zippered Pouch, Fits Phones Passport and More

Styled on running belts; these low key unisex travel money belts/waistbands hold a surprising amount while still being discreet and streamlined.

It comes with a dedicated smartphone pocket and a pocket with a key attachment. Two zippered security pockets can hold passports, cash, ID, and cards.

Made from a high-quality Spandex Lycra material, it feels soft to wear and stretches to maintain a slim profile. No more having to wear old fashioned fanny packs that scream tourist when you can comfortably keep things organized and safe close to your waist.

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Travel Security Belt with Hidden Money Pocket

Travel Security Belt with Hidden Money Pocket Cashsafe Anti-Theft Wallet Non-Metal Buckle

A fully adjustable belt to suit both men and women, the low key look of the belt will suit most travel outfits and not stand out to thieves.

A hidden zippered security pocket inside provides a great space to securely store spare cash, keys, copies of your passport or other important travel documents.

A simple travel accessory with the added advantage of safety and security.

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Infinity Scarf with Hidden Pocket

Clever Travel Companion Unisex Infinity Travel Scarf with 2 Hidden Zipper Pockets

Clever Travel Companion Travel Scarf with 2 Hidden Zipper Pockets, 100% Pickpocket Proof Holiday Tour (Black/White Stripes)

We have always believed a good travel scarf makes a great addition to any suitcase for both men and women. This infinity scarf adds the practicality of two secure, durable zipper pockets designed to support themselves rather than allowing the scarf to stretch or distort when full.

Keep phones, cash, cards, passports secure and easily accessible without being visible to would-be pickpockets.

This stylish scarf is 100% cotton, so it is soft, comfortable, and breathable. It comes in classic black or stripe design.

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While we believe the infinity scarf with hidden pockets is a great travel safe addition to protect against pickpockets, it is not without some risk.

We see all too often travellers take a scarf off when they sit down in a restaurant or when the weather warms up and simply leave it behind. Remember, this scarf is a great pickpocket proof accessory when it is around your neck.

We advise using this in addition to pickpocket proof pants, shirt or t-shirt for really important or valuable items. 

Unisex Pickpocket Proof Hoodie

Unisex Travel Hoodie with 4 Secret Hidden Pockets

Pickpocket Proof Traveling Hoodie with 4 Secret Hidden Pockets, Smart Jacket for Holiday Tour (Navy, X-Large)

This unisex traditional fit pickpocket proof hoodie is a great travel companion for both men and women.

It is 100% cotton fleece, so it is comfortable and breathable, it’s also packed full of concealed zippered pockets for security.

Pickpocket Proof Traveling Hoodie with 4 Secret Hidden Pockets, Smart Jacket for Holiday Tour (Navy, X-Large)

Keep everything from passports, keys, cash to tablet devices that can be stored securely without any extra load or drag on the jacket. Comes in navy and grey. 

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