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Best Anti-Theft Backpacks for Travel

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For any traveller, safety is a primary concern. Let’s face it; even seasoned travellers can be vulnerable to theft.

Theft is the last thing you want when you’re enjoying your trip, but strange surroundings, travel fatigue, crowded situations or just carelessness can put our belongings at risk. 

Thankfully, there is now an extensive range of anti-theft bags on the market. Bags designed to take some of the stress out of keeping your stuff safe while you travel such as an anti-theft backpack.

We looked at the best anti-theft handbags for women here. But what are the best anti-theft backpacks? And, are anti-theft backpacks worth the money?

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Best anti-theft backpack for travel. Man with backpack on escalator.
Secure travel backpacks must also be stylish and comfortable.

Why Choose an Anti Theft Backpack for Travel?

Backpacks make good sense for travel whether it’s a day pack or a carry on backpack for single bag travel. They’re comfortable when carrying heavier loads and convenient for keeping our hands free when sightseeing.

Although, where backpacks win on design, they can fall down on the security front.

While ladies handbags may be prime targets for thieves, backpacks can be easy pickings for pickpockets. It’s hard to protect your belongings when you can’t keep your eye on them at all times, especially in a crowd.

This is where a good quality theft proof backpack designed with travel in mind comes into its own. More than just a backpack with lock, a good anti-theft travel backpack addresses all of the safety concerns travellers face every day. 

Looking for More Than Just an Anti Theft Backpack?

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We looked at the ever-growing range of secure backpacks on the market to see which were the best secure travel backpacks. From handy anti-theft daypacks, 30 litre packs right through to large 65-litre anti-theft travel backpacks.

There are plenty of innovative and stylish backpacks around, loaded with cool backpack features such as charging ports and headphone interface but not all of them cut it when it comes to being a secure backpack.

We included all the top brand backpacks and chose only bags with the best anti-theft features and technology, as well as great design with the practicality of travel in mind.

Let’s have a look at the top anti-theft backpacks for travel. 

You can read a more in-depth review of each backpack below.

Best anti-theft backpack for travel. Two elderly people wearing backpacks. Is travel safe it is when you have anti theft travel gear
There is a good range of anti theft backpacks for women.

Some Pickpocket Stats & Facts

Every day 400,000 pickpocket incidents occur worldwide

Greek police caught an organised pickpocket gang stealing in excess of €3,500 a day in Athens.

Pickpocketing pair steals £40,000, (more than $56,000) in London Airports.

Barcelona is considered the pickpocket capital of the world.

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What is an Anti-Theft Backpack?

Before we get into reviews of the best anti-theft backpacks, let’s first look at what an anti-theft backpack is and what features you should be looking for when buying a secure backpack for travel.

An anti-theft backpack looks like a regular backpack but is designed with lots of inbuilt safety features to keep your belongings safe.

Smart features to prevent pickpockets and thieves from accessing your personal belongings or taking your entire bag.

What Features Should Good Anti-Theft Backpacks Have?

Security, Slash Proof backpack and Anti-Theft Design – Reasons why Anti-Theft Backpacks are Worth the Money.

Good anti-theft bags are much more than just a backpack with hidden pockets or includes an additional, separate backpack lock.

As a minimum, a good anti-theft bag should have most, if not all of these features:

  • RFID Blocking – Smart RFID blocking compartments to block scanners and prevent identity theft or electronic pickpockets.
  • Quality Lockable Zippers and Locking Features – Lockable backpack, lockable zips and compartments to prevent pickpockets. 
  • Hidden Pockets & Secret Compartments – Internal, hard to access hidden pockets and secret compartments for valuables such as passports or cash.
  • Anti slash Fabric Construction – Lightweight anti-slash fabric/panels on a cut-proof backpack to prevent thieves from slashing the bag.
  • Reinforced Steel Straps – Straps should have some reinforcement to prevent thieves from slashing the strap and running away with your bag.
  • Locking mechanisms for securing the bag to immovable objects.

Found a great anti-theft bag but still want additional backpack locks?

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Choosing The Right Travel Backpack

When comparing anti-theft travel backpacks currently on the market, think about the type of trip you are taking and the most practical backpack for you.

The same applies even if you are looking for an everyday anti-theft commuter backpack for college or work. Or, if it is possible to choose an anti-theft backpack that will work for both travel and everyday use.


Obviously, the bag needs to be functional as well as safe. Ask yourself:

  • Does it have all the compartments you require, such as padded laptop sleeves or padded shoulder straps for comfort?
  • If it is a large pack, can it be transformed from a backpack into a bag thanks to the handle on top?
  • Do you need to have the capability to carry a water bottle or hydration (liquid) pack for hiking?

Make sure you think about how versatile your pack needs to be for the type of travel you are doing.

Construction and Material

Always look for a sturdy yet lightweight construction. You don’t want a security backpack to be too heavy before you have even put anything in it.

Do you need a water-resistant bag? If so, make sure you choose a high-quality, water-resistant material. Some claim to be water-resistant and are anything but even in a light drizzle.

And of course, when considering construction and fabric, we would always recommend opting for a slash-proof backpack. 


Decide what you need to carry with regards to the size you require. If you only need a day pack, think carefully about the size. You don’t want to be carrying around unnecessary weight. It’s too easy to overload a bag if it is larger than you need.

If you are looking for a large backpack as your primary luggage, again, think about how much you can reasonably carry. Which leads us to comfort.


Does the pack have the required padding on the shoulder straps to be comfortable all day? Will it be comfortable on your back with regards to breathability and lumbar support? If it is a larger pack, does it have padded waist and sternum straps to help with the load? Does it come with a water bottle pocket?


Last but not least – style. Nobody wants to commit to a bag they don’t like so it should look good. Also, style goes a long way to keeping you safe as well. If your daypack screams traveller or tourist, you are more likely to be targeted by thieves.

Blending in is a significant aspect of safe travel. A backpack that looks more like an everyday backpack as opposed to a “travel” backpack will be less noticeable or enticing. Ladies can find a range of stylish anti-theft backpacks designed specifically for women here

See Below for Additional Tips on Safe Travel and Keeping Your Belongings Safe


We’ve reviewed some of the best anti-theft backpacks on the market. We have chosen these backpacks based on the following criteria:

  • Quality anti-theft features.
  • Bestsellers and average ratings.
  • Design and functionality including the versatility of design.
  • Reputable manufacturers of anti-theft travel gear.


Travelon Anti-theft Urban Backpack

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We like this backpack firstly because it is made by Travelon who have a solid reputation for making quality anti-theft travel gear.

The stand out on this one is the design. Travelon has moved towards clean, modern design and away from the traditional travel style backpack on this bag.

Probably more suited to the business traveller looking for a slim business laptop backpack or someone who needs to carry their tech with them, this backpack is practical, stylish and loaded with smart anti-theft features.

  • Slash-resistant body panels.
  • Adjustable cut-resistant, shoulder straps that can be secured to a stationary object to prevent a grab and go theft.
  • Low profile secure zipper on the main compartment for extra security.
  • Hidden locking compartments and zip pockets.
  • Secret RFID blocking pocket on the shoulder strap.
  • Padded pocket for a 15.6″ laptop and separate pocket for a tablet up to 10″.
  • Drop pockets for cables and other devices.
  • Air mesh back panel and backpack straps are cool and comfortable to wear
  • Water and dirt resistant fabric
  • Add-a-bag strap allows the backpack to slide over the handle of wheeled luggage
  • Side water bottle pocket

Size: Medium (42 x 32 x 20 cm)

Fits Laptop: Up to 15.6″ and tablet up to 10″

Available in Black and Grey.      

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Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 Anti-Theft 15L Backpack

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This pack is a tried and true travel design, a great all-around anti theft daypack. It’s very lightweight, has loads of pockets yet is not overly large.

The interior has a sleeve for a 13 “laptop what could also be used as a tablet sleeve and the bag is well padded so that electronics are protected including cameras and tablets. The back is padded, so objects won’t stick into you although it does not have a ventilation layer.

This is the type of backpack perfect for city touring, an alternative to carrying a purse, especially on a plane or just a day to day commuter bag. The classic design is more stylish than a standard travel backpack so will work for all travel occasions.

Two outer water bottle pockets allow for either two water bottles or a bottle and umbrella. And, of course, being Pacsafe, it has all the best anti-theft features.


  • The fabric is embedded with lightweight stainless steel wire mesh to protect against slash-and-run theft.
  • Security clip and smart zipper security provide multiple layers of protection.
  • Lockdown points for zippers to help prevent pickpockets.
  • RFIDsafe blocking to protect IDs and credit cards from hacker scanning.
  • Internal attachment point for wallets and keys.

Size: Small (15 litres)

Fits Laptop: Up to 13″ and iPad

Available in 5 Colours.

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The Original Bobby Anti Theft Backpack

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One of the original anti-theft backpacks the Bobby backpack is a popular reputable brand in the anti-theft bag market. However, we feel it lacks some of the anti-theft features of Pacsafe and Travelon bags.

Made with anti-shock foam, several protective layers and a cut-proof PP Protection board, which make it impossible to cut through the backpack. The entire bag is water repellent which would be very attractive to tech owners.

Hidden zippers, make it impossible to enter the bag while wearing it. Three hidden pockets on the sides and back are very accessible for you during use, but impossible for thieves to see or access. Perfect for your phone, wallet or passport.

A USB charging anti theft backpack, the USB charging port is conveniently integrated into the side of the backpack which is a popular feature for travellers. Reflective stripes on the front, top and shoulder straps keep you safe at night with 360 degrees visibility.

The backpack is designed to relieve the pressure on the spine and lifts the weight off your shoulders by an extra 20%. There is a luggage strap on the back to fit the Bobby over your suitcase handle while you travel which we love.


  • Cut-proof backpack design
  • Hidden zipper and secret pockets.
  • An integrated USB port for charging
  • Shockproof storage design
  • Illuminating safety strips
  • Water repellent fabric
  • Ergonomic weight balance design


  • Doesn’t have locking zippers
  • Straps do not have cut-proof reinforcement
  • No locking mechanism for attaching to a fixed structure
  • No RFID pockets

Size: Small (13 litres)

Fits Laptop: Up to 15.6″ and iPad

Available in Black, Red, Blue, and Grey

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Pacsafe Slingsafe LX400 Anti-Theft Backpack with Detachable Pocket

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We love this backpack for its sheer versatility for travel. It’s also loaded with all the anti-theft features you want in a theft-proof travel backpack.

A two in one backpack with anti-theft features; The detachable front pocket transforms into an anti-theft crossbody shoulder bag with the included strap, enabling you to downsize and carry just the essentials when you don’t need the full backpack.

The backpack laptop compartment can hold a 15″ laptop with plenty of room for all your other essentials. A great backpack for both travel and everyday use.


  • Two in one backpack with a detachable anti-theft crossbody bag.
  • Embedded with stainless steel wire mesh to protect from a quick slash-and-run theft.
  • Dual release security buckles to secure the bag to a fixed structure.
  • Ultra-strong wire-imbedded Dyneema webbing straps help prevent cut-and-run theft.
  • RFID safe blocking pocket to prevent data theft.
  • Smart zipper security to prevent pickpockets.
  • Padded sleeve for up to 15″ laptop.

Size: Medium (20 litres)

Fits Laptop: Up to 15″ and tablet.

Available in 5 colours and designs.

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KOPACK Anti Theft Travel Backpack. Scan Smart Checkpoint Friendly

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This anti-theft backpack by Kopack has a unique strap design that is connected to each other to give you extra support when wearing this backpack.

It’s stylish, lightweight and very organised.

Two features we like in a travel backpack is the luggage strap at the back for sliding onto your luggage handle. The other is this bag flips right open for TSA/ Airport security inspection.

You don’t have to remove all of your electronics at airport security which is a big win. You would be surprised at how many things get stolen at airport screening points.

The Kopack is an excellent anti-theft backpack for both everyday commuting and travel. Although, like Bobby, it lacks some of the more robust anti-theft features you might want for certain types of travel.


  • Scan Smart Checkpoint Friendly – fully opens for TSA / Security inspection.
  • Hidden zippers to deter pickpockets.
  • Tear-resistant durable nylon fabric, not anti-slash.
  • Waterproof – Built-in Rain Cover.
  • USB Charging Port
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Shockproof compartment for electronics
  • Breathable air mesh back panel
  • Lacks some anti-theft features.
  • Size: Medium
  • Fits Laptop: Up to 17″


  • Fabric is tear-proof, not anti-slash.
  • Doesn’t have locking zippers.
  • Straps do not have cut-proof reinforcement.
  • No locking mechanism for attaching to a fixed structure.
  • No RFID pockets.

Size: Medium

Fits Laptop: Up to 17″

Available in Grey

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Travelon Anti-Theft Active Backpack Carry-on

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If you are looking to buy a good anti-theft carry on bag, this is a no-nonsense lightweight bag that ticks all the boxes.

While it is no-nonsense, it has all the required anti-theft features and is roomy enough if you wanted to travel light with only one bag.

The bag can be carried three ways: as a backpack, top handle or side handle and meets airline carry on requirements.

Perfect for a carry on bag or active outdoor adventure travel.


  • Slash-resistant construction.
  • Slash-resistant, adjustable straps.
  • Locking zippers.
  • Front zippered pocket and side pocket.
  • Large RFID blocking card and passport slots.
  • Reflective printing for safety day and night.
  • Water and stain-resistant.
  • Two padded pockets – one for a laptop to 15.6” and one for an iPad or tablet.
  • Roomy main compartment with zippered mesh pocket and hold down straps for garments/clothing.
  • Tethered key clip with LED light.
  • Air mesh padded back panel and air mesh backpack straps for comfort.
  • Add a bag strap, top grab handle, sternum strap.

Size: Medium (approx 32 litres 14″x21″x7″)

Fits Laptop: Up to 15.6″ and iPad or tablet.

Available in Black, Blue , and Teal

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Pacsafe Venturesafe 15L GII Anti-Theft Daypack

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A lightweight, durable daypack with anti-theft features, this bag is ideal for hiking, travel, daily commuting, and as a handy carry-on.

The Venturesafe 15L features a sternum strap and two side stretch pockets that accommodate water bottles. The internal protective sleeve fits a 13-inch laptop or 3-litre hydration pack.

Much like the previous carry on bags, this is a no-nonsense daypack designed for ease of use, but with all the anti-theft features you would want for travel.

  • Slash guard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into fabric helps protect against slash & run theft.
  • Smart locking zips.
  • Adjustable wire-reinforced slash guard strap helps prevent cut & run theft; Turn and lock security hooks attach the strap to a secure fixture.
  • RFIDsafe blocking pocket.
  • Padded sleeve for 13-inch laptop or 3-litre hydration pack.
  • Moulded foam back support.

Size: Medium (15 litres)

Fits Laptop: Up to 13″ (or 3L hydration pack)

Available in Black and Blue

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Pacsafe Venture Safe 25L GII, Black, Large Theft Proof Backpack

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A larger version of the Pacsafe Venturesafe 15L GII Anti-Theft Daypack. With all the same features but larger capacity – 25-liter volume | Dimensions:  19.7 x 11.4 x 7.9 in / 50 x 29 x20 cm.

Depending on the size of daypack you need, either of these bags tick boxes for design and anti-theft features.


  • Slash guard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into fabric helps protect against slash & run theft.
  • Smart locking zips.
  • Adjustable wire-reinforced slash guard strap helps prevent cut & run theft; Turn and lock security hooks attach the strap to a secure fixture.
  • RFIDsafe blocking pocket.
  • Padded sleeve for a 15-inch laptop or 3-litre hydration pack.
  • Moulded foam back support.

Size: Large (25 litres)

Fits Laptop: Up to 15″ (or 3L hydration pack)

Available in Black and Blue

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Large Anti-Theft Backpacks

Pacsafe Vibe 40 Anti-Theft 40L Weekender Backpack

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Sleek, comfortable, and secure 40-litre backpack with inbuilt anti-theft technologies. Perfect for short trips, backpacking travel, weekends away or as a carry on bag.

Opens like a suitcase so is easy access for clothing etc. The bag can be carried three ways: as a backpack, top handle or side handle and meets airline carry on requirements.

Perfect for the person who wants to travel light.

There are no RFID pockets but with a bag this size, good chance you won’t be keeping valuable documents or cards in it.


  • Lightweight, hidden slash guard stainless steel wire mesh embedded into the fabric.
  • Stainless steel slash guard shoulder straps.
  • Smart zippers that interlock and secured to the Roobar Sports locking system.
  • PopNLock security clip allows you to attach your bag to a secure fixture.
  • Padded 15-inch laptop-compatible sleeve.
  • Padded adjustable shoulder straps that can tuck away, padded waist and sternum straps.
  • Three-way carries system.

Size: Large (40 litres)

Fits Laptop: Up to 15″ laptop sleeve.

Available in Black, Blue and Camo Print

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Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP65 Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

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The 65-litre anti-theft Pacsafe Venturesafe backpack is perfect for the adventure traveller or someone who wants to travel light and be mobile.

This spacious and secure backpack has all the right anti-theft features including slash guard material, ToughZip technology which has puncture-resistant double-layer zippers.

The Roobar Locking System secures the interlocking zippers from both compartments in one place, and a lockdown point for the 3mm stainless steel locking cable that is included with the bag to secure it to a fixture, essentially turning your pack into a portable safe.

The main compartment opens like a suitcase for easy access and has internal compression straps to pack gear tightly and maximise space with plenty of organisational pockets.

There are padded shoulder straps and waist strap with an ergonomic aluminium frame which makes carrying a heavy load balanced and comfortable.

The adjustable back harness can be adjusted to six height settings making finding the perfect fit easy for any body size. External compression straps keep the bag compact for transit.

The size of this bag will meet some airlines carry on regulations but not all.


  • Can be worn in two different ways.
  • Has an adjustable back harness system.
  • The ergonomic, internal frame offers increased balance and support.
  • Adjustable, padded hip belt for stability and weight distribution.
  • Zip-away shoulder straps and hip belt to protect straps in transit.
  • External attachment points for items such as jackets, yoga mats, or sleeping bags.
  • External and internal compression straps to keep gear in place.
  • Sternum strap.
  • Internal attachment point for wallets and keys.
  • Water bottle pocket.
  • Anti-theft features including:
  • Slash-Proof construction.
  • Locking Compartments.
  • Puncture-proof zips.
  • Interlocking zippers.
  • Lockdown point with an additional 3mm stainless locking cable.

Size: Large (65 litres)

Available in Black Only

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Additional Tips on Safe Travel and Keeping Your Belongings Safe

  • Remember, while an anti-theft travel backpack is an excellent precaution against theft while you travel, it is not a complete guarantee. It will, however, significantly improve your chances and at least give you some peace of mind.
  • People will more often have individual items stolen from inside a bag or from their person than having an entire bag taken. Having a good anti theft backpack will make it harder for thieves to succeed. However, no matter how good the anti-theft features, it is still wise to keep valuables in internal pockets.
  • Ultimately, the traveller is responsible for their safety so, always be cautious with your personal belongings and be vigilant while you travel, especially in crowded areas to avoid becoming a target of crime.
    • Bags should never be left unattended.
    • When using a backpack especially, make sure the straps are firmly fitted, and all openings are securely fastened.

Staying safe when you travel is as much about how you act and how you dress as the gear you take with you. 

Read our Complete Guide on How to Dress Like a Local When You Travel.

Blending in can go a long way to enhancing your experience and ensuring you don’t stand out as a target

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