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Plan your perfect Russia Itinerary. We have tips for the most cost-effective and efficient way to see more of Russia than just the main cities.

Find the best things to do in St Petersburg and Moscow with tips on how to get around, recommended tours, what to look out for, and what to expect.

We even have you covered on what to expect from the Russian visa application process.

Start planning your trip to Russia, it is a country that never ceases to impress.

Your first encounter with the beautiful Moscow Metro stations will surprise you. Never has a rail system been more appealing and just a little intriguing.  Once described as a ” Subterranean paradise for the people”, the Moscow Metro is one of the most extraordinary subway systems in the world Most Beautiful Metro Stations in the World …

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Have you ever dreamed of strolling through Moscow’s Red Square or seeing the ballet in St Petersburg – A city where opulent palaces offer a glimpse into one of the world’s most intriguing royal dynasties. Russia’s two great cities still invoke the old school romance of travel – a journey into the enigmatic and exotic. However, …

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There are so many things to do in St Petersburg Russia, planning your itinerary can be a little overwhelming at first. We have narrowed down the best experiences and attractions in St Petersburg to help you make the most of your visit. There are also loads of travel tips to make your visit more enjoyable. …

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Planning a trip to Russia is exciting, but the Russian visa application process has a reputation for being notoriously complex. These tips might help take the confusion out of getting a Russian tourist visa. Update: New Short Term Russian E-Visa For Russia Has Been Rolled Out The Short Term e-visa for the whole of Russia …

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