People love to travel, but not everyone wants to up stumps and take to life on the road.

For some, it’s a weekend away, an epic journey or just the dream of a long vacation. At Vagrants Of The World, we have something for everyone.

We are Mark and Kate, an Australian couple with a bag each and no set itinerary – we are vagrants of the world.

Us –

Our main mode of travel is house sitting. We determine where we will travel based on the house sits we have booked. House sitting has taken us to three continents where we have lived in haciendas, on hobby farms, even leaky old boats and cared for everything from Dogs to Donkeys, as well as some very angry geese.

We have lived as temporary locals in some places for as little as one month and others for up to six months.

In between and during house sits we take advantage of our location to explore regions and countries closest to us. Our wanderings take us to places we never imagined going.

We can regale you with tales of being caught in an elephant stampede in Africa, how to find amazing frescoes on the walls of goat shelters in Greece or even about being escorted at gunpoint off a coffee plantation in Nicaragua.

Our site –

Vagrants Of The World Travel gives insight into the local perspective through a slow travel experience. We also search out iconic journeys and the best boutique holidays. You can follow our tried and tested day trips, use our first-hand experience of boutique hotels, cruises or private and small group tours or get inspired to take a different kind of holiday.

We like to share the highlights and perhaps give you a reason to also visit some of the in-between destinations we never thought we would end up in.

And mostly, inspire those who love to travel and provide some escape for those who perhaps can’t.

Welcome to Vagrants Of The World

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