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People love to travel. For some, it’s a weekend away, an epic journey or just the dream of a long vacation. At Vagrants Of The World, we have something for everyone.

Vagrants of the World Travel began as a travel resource by Kate & Mark, who left Australia in 2014 with a bag each and no set itinerary to become full time travellers. Friends joked that they were “vagrants of the world”. 

Vagrants of the World Travel has since grown to include travel tips and destination guides by experienced travellers worldwide. 

Travellers who live as temporary locals in some of the world’s most charismatic cities as well as towns and villages beyond the tourist trail. Adventurers who have explored and researched the tourist route but also discovered the heart and culture of a destination.  

Let us help you plan your next adventure using our first-hand travel experiences.  

Discover a local perspective through a slow travel experience. Search out iconic journeys or the best boutique holidays. 

Follow our tried and tested day trips or use our first-hand experience of boutique hotels, cruises, and small group tours. Or get inspired to take a different kind of vacation.

We want to share our best travel tips and perhaps introduce you to destinations you may have never dreamed of visiting. 

Welcome to Vagrants Of The World

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