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The Best Travel Safety Tips & Anti Theft Travel Guides

Travel Safety Tips

We believe safe travel is not luck or coincidence. While sometimes we do get lucky when we travel, travel safety can also be a bit of an art developed with experience.

But mostly, travel safety is about preparation, a good dash of vigilance and knowing what to do in case of an emergency without putting a dampener on your trip. 

Below you will find a collection of our best safe travel articles to help you put the best possible preventative measures in place to stay safe while you travel and, ultimately, have enjoyable and positive travel experiences.

The art of safe travel begins with the traveller.

Tourists at a cafe in Italy - Safe Travel guide

Travel should be enjoyable, but every day we see travellers expose themselves to risk through carelessness, inexperience or just a lack of awareness. By highlighting potential risks and dangers when travelling, we aim to prepare the traveller. 



Travel Safety Tips

Practical safe travel tips to put in place before you go. We look at the common risks every traveller may face irrespective of their destination or travel style.

Know how to avoid becoming a target of petty crime, how to be prepared in case of an emergency while you travel, how to stay healthy and what is the best anti theft travel gear for your needs and style.

Anti Theft Travel Gear

Travel safety and security of personal items are the highest priorities for travellers. With more people travelling than ever before, popular tourist destinations are becoming more crowded each season. These are ideal environments for pickpockets and thieves.

People also now travel with more high-value tech items, and in a time when we tend to carry less actual cash, identity theft and card skimming are becoming more prevalent by the day.

Our anti-theft travel guides look at the best anti-theft travel gear and devices on the market. Travel gear stylish and practical enough for day to day use, not just travel.

Travel Health and Wellness

Travel Safety is not just about keeping you and your belongings safe; it is about keeping well and healthy. Staying fit and healthy is just as important as staying safe while you travel.


Travel safety - Tourists on a gondola ride in Venice