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11 Rome Cooking Classes for the Culinary Traveler

Whether you want to learn some authentic Italian recipes to take home or discover Rome’s food scene beyond the restaurants, there are some fantastic cooking classes in Rome.

We explored Rome’s best food tours here, but with Rome’s amazing food and culinary heritage – why not take some dishes home with you?

A group of senior peopl in aprons stand around a woman demonstrating pasta making.

From classic Italian dishes and traditional Roman recipes to modern fusion cuisine. You can enjoy hands-on pasta-making classes or an interactive pizza masterclass.

Or, perhaps, you are looking for a family-friendly gelato and pizza cooking experience. There are a fantastic variety of Roman cooking classes for you to add something new to your Italian culinary repertoire in the ancient city.

There are even opportunities for day trips from Rome for wine tasting and pasta making days in the Frascati countryside.

Here, we explore some of the best cooking classes in Rome – perfect for visitors who want an immersive experience of Italy’s rich culinary culture.

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11 Fantastic Cooking Classes in Rome

3-in-1 Fettuccine, Ravioli and Tiramisu Cooking Class in Rome

Duration: 3 hrs

This 3-in-1 Fettuccine, Ravioli, and Tiramisu Cooking Class in the heart of Rome is a great way to learn how to make three classic Italian recipes with views of Piazza Navona while you cook.

A womans hands on a floury board with a rack of fresh made fettuccini at a pasting making class in Rome.

You’ll learn the techniques to create pasta dough, choose the right ravioli fillings for the season, make pasta sauces, and master the art of tiramisu in one fun Italian cooking class.

And when the cooking is done, you can enjoy your culinary efforts with a glass of wine, finishing with a Limoncello or coffee.

This 3-in-1 Fettuccine, Ravioli, and Tiramisu Cooking Class in Rome is a fun way to enjoy a unique culinary experience that will stay with you forever.

Combo Pizza and Pasta Cooking Class

Duration: 4 Hrs

The Combo Pizza and Pasta Cooking Class in the Roman countryside is the perfect way to escape the city and experience Italian pasta and pizza like never before.

A smiling chef in a chefs hat tossing pizza dough in front of an outdoor pizza oven.

With a professional chef leading you, you’ll learn to make different pasta shapes for two dishes. Go through all the steps for Neapolitan or Capricciosa pizza, from preparing the dough to cooking it in a wood-fired oven.

At the end of this delicious cooking class, you’ll be able to enjoy an all-you-can-eat feast of pasta and pizza made with your own hands.

Enjoy unlimited DOC Frascati wine while cooking to help make this culinary experience even more enjoyable. And afterward, indulge in a dessert of authentic Tiramisù and a Limoncello tasting.

This Italian cooking class is in the Roman countryside – round-trip transfers are included, so you won’t have to worry about navigating your way from Rome. This cooking class is also suitable for kids, making a great family day out of the city.

At the end of this Combo Pizza and Pasta Cooking Class in Rome, you’ll take home recipes to recreate the dishes at home and remember your unique Italian culinary experience.

Pizza Class in Rome around Piazza Navona

Duration 2 hrs

Enjoy a unique pizza making class in Rome that takes you through the traditional art of pizza making in one of the most beautiful restaurants off Piazza Navona.

A mans floury hands gently press pizza dough into shape.

Learn the process of making pizza dough and creating the perfect topping guided by a pizza chef in a restaurant atmosphere.

Your host will also share the secret recipe for restaurant-quality pizza sauce so you can recreate perfect pizza back home.

Once you’ve mastered the art of making pizza, you’ll get to enjoy it. If the weather is good, you can dine alfresco with views of one of the most charming streets in the historic center of Rome.

Coffee and tea, bottled water, alcoholic beverages, and snacks are included in this Pizza making class for a delightful few hours of cooking and eating.

Pasta and Tiramisu Home Cooking Class

Duration 4.5 hrs Starts 6.00 PM

If you prefer a pasta making class in Rome, this Pasta and Tiramisu Home Cooking Class in Rome offers an authentic and unique Italian home-cooking experience.

The class is hosted by a mother and daughter team in their beautiful home at the top of Gianicolo Hill. This 4.5-hour cooking class suits families, couples, or groups of up to 6 people.

A group of people hold up sheets of pasta dough at an Italian cooking class.
Image supplied by EatWith

It’s the perfect opportunity to learn how to make traditional pasta dishes from scratch – fettuccine and ravioli with delicious pasta sauces and mouthwatering tiramisu desserts like a pro.

Afterward, you can enjoy all the gastronomic delights you cook during the class, along with bruschetta appetizers – all served with complimentary wine, sparkling wine, and soft drinks.

With expert chefs guiding you every step of the way, this Pasta and Tiramisu Home Cooking Class is educational and extremely fun. Learn new recipes in a relaxed atmosphere with stunning views of Piazza Venezia from your host’s home in a famous, historic neighborhood.

After this wonderful evening of cooking and socializing, you can take home recipes that will remind you of this unique Italian culinary experience for years.

Cook a Classic Italian Meal Inspired by a Roman Grandmother

Duration: 3 Hrs Starts 7.00 PM

Experience the best Italian cooking classes in Rome with an unforgettable culinary evening. Cook a Classic Italian Meal inspired by a Roman Grandmother is hosted by two very welcoming and generous sisters.

A man and two moen smiling wearing aprons are preparing dough for gnocchi at a cooking class.
Image supplied by EatWith

The class takes place in their beautiful home in an exclusive area of Rome where you can appreciate the city away from the tourist areas.

This cooking class features authentic Italian flavors reminiscent of Grandma’s recipes. The grandmother of Janice and Francesca worked in the restaurant industry, so they can guarantee some top-quality recipes.

During the instruction, you will learn their Nonna’s special recipe for gnocchi in a rich tomato sauce and her famous Millefoglie cake based on puff pastry and custard cream.

This cooking experience in Rome is a maximum of six guests. It’s perfect for an intimate evening making new friends and cooking, or for a private group or family.

Seafood Cooking Class and 3-course Dinner in Rome

Duration 3 Hrs from 7.00 PM

Are you looking for a unique and immersive culinary experience in Rome? Join an unforgettable evening at a pasta and seafood cooking class where you will learn traditional Italian dishes you can recreate at home.

Two young women in aprons at a cooking class in Italy.
Image supplied by

The 3-hour Seafood Cooking Class and Dinner experience is suitable for beginners and more experienced cooks.

Learn about the best ingredients, techniques, and preparation methods from an experienced chef. You’ll also get tips for buying the freshest ingredients for your dishes and preparing seafood.

At the end of your lesson, indulge in the 3-course dinner of fresh fish and seafood – stuffed alici (little fresh fishes stuffed with capers, lemon zest, garlic bread, and parsley) with fresh seasonal vegetables, pasta made from scratch with fresh seafood, or spaghetti allo scoglio.

Top it off with a delicious homemade dessert like Panna Cotta with orange or lemon syrup or homemade lemon sorbet – all served with local Italian wine.

This Italian Seafood Cooking Class gives you invaluable insights into Italian cuisine and tips on how to cook and prepare seafood in a fun home environment.

Walking Tour and Authentic Cooking Class in Rome

Duration 3-4 Hrs (Lunch or Dinner)

Experience the wonders of Rome and create a delicious 3-course Italian meal with a decadent combo Walking Tour and Authentic Cooking Class in Rome.

Your tour begins with an expert guide who will take you on a journey through the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Piazza Navona.

Tourists and a bridal couple in fromnt of the Spanish Steps in Rome.

After working up an appetite, head to a local kitchen, where you’ll learn how to make Bruschetta al Pomodoro as an appetizer.

You’ll learn to make fresh pasta fettuccine from scratch for your main dish – Fettuccine al Bolognese, Fettuccine alla Carbonara or a sauce using the freshest seasonal ingredients. Finally, end on a sweet note with creamy tiramisu or crostata for dessert.

These cooking classes are suitable for all levels, and you can choose from morning or afternoon tours for either a lunch or dinner meal.

The workshop is usually held in a restaurant for an authentic experience with an experienced chef. However, in the case of small groups or under request, the class will be held at the chef´s house.

Experience the best of Rome on this unique combination walking cooking tour – explore its historical monuments while learning traditional cooking techniques passed down through generations.

Chef in a Day Cooking Classes in Rome

Duration: 5 Hrs

The Chef in a Day Cooking Class in Rome offers an immersive experience that will take your Italian culinary knowledge to the next level.

Vendors selling fruit and vegetable at the outdoor market in Rome.

Join an experienced chef on a 5-hour cooking journey that starts with shopping at an iconic fresh produce market and ends with a delicious six-course meal.

In this fun and educational cooking experience, the expert chef will take you on an unforgettable culinary adventure, shopping for fresh ingredients at the famous Campo dei Fiori market before starting your cooking class.

Under the chef’s guidance, learn to make pasta, desserts, and other Italian specialties. Master pasta-making techniques while creating three pasta styles—stuffed pasta, long pasta, and short-medium pasta with three different sauces. For the “secondi” course, a meat course with side dishes, followed by a decadent traditional dessert.

Relax with your fellow chefs at the end of your Chef in a Day Cooking Class to enjoy your meal. What better way to fully appreciate Italian cuisine than by learning to make it?

Pasta Making with Wine Tasting and Dinner in Frascati

Duration 2.5 hrs

Experience an incredible Pasta Making, Wine Tasting and Dinner in the countryside of Frascati, Rome. Hosted by experienced winemakers at a traditional family-run winery, you will learn the secrets of pasta making in a hands-on lesson and taste DOCG red and IGT white wines from the region.

Woman chef holding wooden board with fettuccine nests

Learn from people with a passion for cooking and winemaking. Passion and knowledge that has been passed down through generations. They will share the secrets to making perfect pasta from scratch taught to them by their Nonna during a hands-on lesson.

Finish the day with dinner featuring your own fresh pasta, topped with a traditional Roman sauce and paired with local wines. Choose from three typical recipes, Carbonara, Amatriciana, or Cacio e Pepe. The chef will guide you through each recipe.

After dinner, you’ll have a chance to view the “caves” below the wine cellar. This is an excellent wine and food combination for people looking for Italian cooking classes for couples.

A maximum of 18 people can join this unique Pasta Making and Wine Tasting experience in the beautiful Frascati countryside.

Homemade Gelato and Pizza Cooking Class with Wine

Duration 2.5 hrs

For a unique and unforgettable cooking experience in Rome, try the Homemade Gelato and Pizza Cooking Class with Wine, where you can learn the secrets of Italy’s most iconic cuisine.

Man is spreading tomato paste on freshly kneaded pizza dough.

For 2.5 hours, you’ll get hands-on instructions from a professional chef on how to make classic Italian dishes of gelato and pizza using carefully selected fresh ingredients.

You’ll be guided through the flour types to make the dough, how to achieve the right consistency, and finally, shape it into the perfect pizza crust. Learn the nuances of the right amount of cheese, tomatoes, and other toppings to create your own delicious pizza.

Discover the secrets of making traditional Italian gelato and the importance of the raw materials in achieving that unique, authentic taste.

Relax and enjoy your creations with a glass of wine at the end of the Gelato and Pizza Cooking Class.

Family-Friendly Pizza Master Class

Duration: 1 Hr

Are you looking for exciting and delicious cooking classes in Rome for families? The Family-Friendly Pizza Master Class is a perfect cooking class for kids and adults.

Close up of kids making pizza dough.

In this one-hour class, you’ll get to learn how to make pizza at an authentic Pizzeria with a real stone oven under the guidance of a real pizza chef. You’ll be guided step by step through the process of preparing the dough, rolling and squeezing it, and adding your preferred toppings.

This unique and interactive experience will give you a wealth of knowledge about Italy’s most loved dish. It’s a great class for families to enjoy together; everyone can get involved and make their own pizzas. It’s also not so long that kids will get bored.

And at the end of the class, you’ll enjoy your creations with bruschetta and a glass of wine. A vegetarian option is available, too, so everyone can enjoy the delicious pizza they’ve made.

So if you’re looking for an unforgettable family-friendly culinary adventure while in Rome, make sure to book yourself into this family-friendly pizza masterclass.

A wooden tray of hand rolled gnocchi. A womans hands in the distance rolling dough.
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Which Rome Cooking Class Will You Choose?

Rome is the perfect place to explore your inner chef. With this diverse range of cooking classes offered by experienced chefs who can share culinary knowledge passed through generations, you’ll learn some amazing recipes that will stay with you forever.

So if you’re visiting Rome soon and want to take home more than just memories from the Eternal City, book yourself into one of these Roman cooking classes.