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Have you ever dreamed of strolling through Moscow’s Red Square or even seeing the ballet in St Petersburg?  Russia’s two great cities still invoke the old school romance of travel; enigmatic and exotic.

Now, have you ever wondered how to travel Russia? A Russian river cruise offers a very efficient and cost-effective way to see the most of this vast country.

St Basils Moscow. River Cruise Russia

Travel to Russia

Unfortunately, Russia is a country too often sidestepped by many travellers. Even though this powerful nation, once hidden behind the mysterious veil of the Iron Curtain has been welcoming tourists with semi-open arms and a cold stony smile for over two decades, it still carries a stigma for being a difficult country to travel to and in.

Thanks mostly to a reputation for difficult bureaucratic visa processes and rumoured corruption. Or, maybe it is simply because most of us remember Russia so often portrayed as the villain in popular culture.

St Petersburg Russia

Travel in Russia

As independent travellers, our biggest dilemma with Russia was the logistics. A country covering two continents and nine time zones, where the highlights and must-sees are spread far and wide, with nothing in between.

This poses some issues when you don’t have unlimited time or an unlimited budget. Transport through Russia can be expensive and less than comfortable. This was also not a country we felt confident about hiring a car and hitting the open road.

The Catherine Palace St Petersburg Russia

Deciding on a River Cruise

So, after much research, we reluctantly decided on a Russian river cruise. We say reluctantly because we have never been “cruisers”. We have always preferred to travel independently, at our own pace. But this time, no matter how many ways we looked at it, a river cruise made sense.

When we weighed up the options, it came down to how much of Russia did we really want to see. The answer; more than we would have been able to achieve under our own steam in the time we had.

Kirillo Belozersky Russia

Viking River Cruise in Russia

We opted for Viking Cruises because like some of the unreliable, uncomfortable transport methods available in Russia, some of the Russian cruise lines on offer are shall we say, still a little Soviet.

Viking Cruises, on the other hand, offers a product in Russia to the same high, 5- star standard as their river cruises throughout Europe. A full-service luxury river cruise from the moment you make your booking to the time you disembark. This is boutique cruising at it’s finest.

 So let’s look at the top reasons that managed to sway us to choose a river cruise as the best way to see Russia and what two weeks on board a Viking Russian river cruise from St Petersburg to Moscow is like. 

Viking Cruises- River Cruise Russia

Cruise St Petersburg to Moscow

For us, opting to travel through Russia on a river cruise was primarily motivated by the itinerary. Most people would be happy to just visit Moscow or St Petersburg. But why make the effort to visit this intriguing country and miss all the gorgeous and exciting things to see outside of the main cities. Even if the vast geographic distances make these rewards somewhat of a logistical challenge.

Fortress of Schlusselburg Russia

The Cruise Itinerary

The river cruise itinerary is what really sold us on this mode of travel. This enabled us to spend ample time in St Petersburg and Moscow, then with our floating hotel in tow, we took to the river.

Here is where we saw the other Russia. Stunning countryside, small villages, abandoned churches and majestic cathedrals dotted along the river banks. This is the view of Russia that speaks volumes about the country’s history and culture.

Goritzy Russia- River Cruise Russia

As we slipped down the river, the ‘White Nights’ were upon us so we could take advantage of the long days and very short nights of summer. Enjoying the sights of the Russian countryside en route to our next destination. Each day a different destination and a cruising schedule set to maximise time spent ashore.

Seven different destinations are visited in the 13 days on board. This included three full days in both Moscow and St Petersburg. We would not have achieved this on our own in the two weeks we had.

Kirillo Belozersky Russia

Viking Cruises Waterways Of The Tsars itinerary

Itinerary map courtesy of Viking Cruises

All Inclusive Cruise Packages

The big appeal of cruising for some is the all-inclusive aspect so they know what to expect. In this case, it is so much more than just an all-inclusive cruise package of meals and drinks.

Although we did not take this option, this cruise can be booked inclusive of flights from your home port, wherever in the world that may be. This is an attractive option for those wishing to take the guesswork out of arranging flights, knowing you have access to Vikings Cruises discounted fares and upgrades. All taxes and airport transfers in Russia are also included when taking this option. Nice for those who don’t like to do battle with the taxi hustle when arriving in a new country, oh, and we were hustled. But that’s another story.

From the moment you confirm your booking, you are provided with loads of information about the cruise, the itinerary and Russia to help you prepare for your trip. Also included is information to assist you with the visa process, which is what some people find the most daunting prospect of visiting Russia.

Kizhi Island Russia

Shore Excursions and Tours in Russia

Once on the river cruise, a high quality tour itinerary of shore excursions and tours are included to ensure the best of Russia is covered off as well. There are also some very pleasant surprises, such as an evening at the ballet in St Petersburg. The tour schedule is designed with the arts and culture in mind, not just the big tourist hot spots.

Additional or Optional Tours can also be purchased at each destination such as our traditional Russian Banya experience in Mandrogy or the vodka tasting on board. You also have access to some very appealing Exclusive Access tours such as a behind the scenes look at the Hermitage in St Petersburg.  All tours include transfers where required, entry fees and some of the best guides we have encountered, extremely knowledgeable, tourism professionals.

Traditional Russian Banya

On Board Lectures, Demonstrations and Activities.

In addition to activities during cruising times, such as cooking demonstrations and traditional Russian tea’s, the guides also offer daily lectures on Russian history and politics. The lectures were one of the highlights of the trip. Extremely intelligent, engaging, and well-researched lectures, delivered from a Russian perspective provided an entirely different and refreshing perspective on Russian culture and politics.

Viking Cruises Russia

Russian Cuisine on Board

When it comes to food, we are not buffet people so it was refreshing to see this river cruise offers an incredible changing a la carte menu at all meal times. While there is still a buffet of sorts on offer at breakfast and lunch, this is in addition to the daily a la carte menu.

The food is of the highest restaurant standard showcasing Russian cuisine and produce. They have also ensured the less adventurous are well catered for with an excellent “always available” a la carte menu. Portions are sensible to allow for all courses to be tried and savoured. Unlike the glutenous portions or “all you can eat” buffet’s some cruise ships have become renowned for. This is refined dining.

Viking Cruises Russia

Expect thoughtful touches such as a daily pre-dinner offering from the head chef of a small delectable hors-d’oeuvre. A teaser of the meal to come, delicately plated on a silver spoon.

Drinks are complimentary with all meals including a tipple of champagne at breakfast if you are so inclined. A Silver Drinks Package can be purchased which gives you unlimited drinks from the bar for the entire cruise as well as a vast selection of wines.

Convenience and Comfort

There is a lot to be said for having your own floating hotel accompany you on your journey. Unlike some ocean cruises where the voyage can often focus on shipboard life at the expense of the destinations, on this Russian river cruise, the destinations are the focus.  You get the complete package without having to navigate multiple modes of transport or having to unpack, pack and move accommodation all the time.

Viking Cruises Russia

Once you are on board, whether it be in the big cities or in the remote countryside you only need to check in and out once. You really do feel like you have your hotel on the road with you. A fantastic boutique hotel.

And it is not only the tour guides who are tourism professionals, you have at your disposal a 5-star hotel team.  Professional food and beverage staff, well versed in the art of fine dining and world-class chefs.

Viking Cruises Russia

The staterooms are spacious and extremely comfortable. Private balconies, quality furnishings, and enough high tech amenities such as Satellite TV and WIFI to keep you going on holiday are standard throughout the ship.

And there are plenty of comfortable public spaces, both indoors and out with panoramic views to relax and take in the vista while you are cruising.

Viking Cruises Russia

Viking Cruises Russia

Should You Choose A River Cruise to Travel Russia?

When it comes to visiting a country like Russia, we really feel a river cruise is possibly the best way to maximise your experience of this incredible country.  Had we decided to travel independently, there is no way we would have had the vast and varied experiences we were able to on this cruise.

The 5-star hotel service, excellent dining and professional tour organisation far exceeded any of our expectations. We now understand why people often choose river cruises as the best way to experience a country. We have since travelled through Eastern Europe on a river cruise and still believe it to be a value for money way to travel, especially in Europe.

Moscow Russia

River Cruise Facts

  • Viking River Cruises has three vessels operating in Russia offering a 13-day “Waterways Of The Tsars” cruise running between Moscow and St Petersburg.
  • Prices start at ~USD $5,500. Viking Cruises also offer some great “Early Bird” specials available for advance bookings.
  • The cruise includes accommodation, all meals, drinks with meals, tours and onboard lectures. Additional or Optional Tours can be purchased on board.
  • Flights, including taxes and transfers, can be arranged inclusive of your cruise price.
  • A tourist visa will be required for most foreign nationals to enter Russia, it is important to check if you will require this well in advance of your cruise date.

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance


We would like to thank Viking Cruises for hosting us on the Waterways Of The Tsars cruise. As always, all opinions expressed are our own and have not been influenced in any way.

*Feature image courtesy of Viking Cruises

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