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Best Picnic Spots in Seattle

These days, more and more people are heading to the great outdoors for their social and leisure time.

A picnic is a fun thing to do in Seattle with kids, a great way to catch up with friends or simply take some time out to enjoy the sunshine. With so many iconic vistas, a picnic is also one of the most romantic date ideas in Seattle.

Picnic setting on a blanket with wooden forks and a platter of vine tomatoes, avacado and salad on an open roll with a bowl of fruit salad.

You could escape the crowds with a day trip from Seattle or, even a weekend getaway to the magnificent Olympic National Park – Or, you can simply enjoy a breath of fresh air in some of Seattle’s fabulous green spaces.

Pack up the picnic hamper, or even grab a bite to go and discover some of the best alfresco dining spots Seattle has to offer. 

Gas Works Park on lake Union is a great place for a picnic in Seattle.

These are some of the most iconic and beautiful picnic spots in Seattle.

Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park is a perfect spot for a picnic right in the heart of Seattle. This historic park on the north shore of Lake Union in the Wallingford neighbourhood is one of the most popular things to do in Seattle and offers plenty of places to lay out a blanket and enjoy a picnic.

People having a picnic in Gas Works Park overlooking Seattle city.

The name of Gas Works Park comes from the old Seattle Gas Light Company plant on the site. When the plant closed, part of the site was converted into the park, which makes it a unique and historic park in Seattle.

The gas works in Gas Works Park, Seattle

Beware, in summer, when it’s not rainy or gloomy, the park can get a little crowded around sunset. The reason, the best part of Seattle’s Gas Works Park is the view. The foreground of peaceful Lake Union with sweeping views of the city’s skyline make this one of Seattle’s best parks for a picnic and best views overall.

You should definitely visit Gas Works Park and take in a relaxing sunset while visiting Seattle.


For those having a picnic at Gas Works Park, there are bathroom facilities in the park. If you don’t want to DIY your picnic, there are plenty of places just outside the park to get food and drinks that you can bring in the park.

By Mike Yunker | MY Travel BF

Lightweight Picnic Essentials

Alki Beach Park

Alki Beach Park in Seattle, Washington, is the lovely spot for a picnic with so many options.

The park’s location on the shore of a peninsula jutting sharply into the Puget Sound features several miles of both sandy and rocky beaches (made famous, in part, by Tom Hank’s beach day in the classic romantic comedy “Sleepless in Seattle“).

A couple having a spring picnic at Alki Beach.

 Alki Beach Park offers picnickers stunning panoramic views of the city’s iconic skyline across the water, and the Cascade Mountains in the distance.

Many picnickers opt to simply plop down on the sand or one of the many grassy knolls lining the beach – A relaxed way to enjoy the sweeping views of the city and watch the parade of kayaks and stand-up paddleboards paddle across the bay.


If you don’t fancy setting up on the grass or sand, there are alfresco options for all kinds of picnicker’s – several shelters, some of which you can reserve through Seattle Parks.

There are picnic tables scattered across the beach, barbecue pits, and even six designated fire pits if you want to have a post picnic beach bonfire.

Deck chairs and a picnic basket just waiting for a summer picnic on Alki Beach.

Conveniently, there’s currently a bathhouse and a restroom located at the south end of the beach, with three additional all-gender toilets expected to open in fall 2020. There is also a host of coffee shops and other local businesses just a stone’s throw away if you want to grab a take away picnic.

So, pack up that potato salad and your favourite picnic blanket and head to Alki to enjoy this classic Seattle spot (Space Needle included).

By Jessica Schmit | Uprooted Traveler

The Base of the Space Needle

No visit to Seattle would be complete without visiting the Space Needle, a popular first stop for day-trippers to Seattle. As it happens, the area around the base of the iconic Seattle landmark is a fantastic place to hang out and have a picnic.

The Space Needle is part of the Seattle Center complex, which includes other landmarks such as the Chihuly Glass Garden, the Museum of Pop Culture, and the Pacific Science Center. While all of these are worth exploring, the best place to sit and have a picnic is on the grass lawn surrounding the Space Needle itself.

Looking up at the Space Needle, the base is a great place for a picnic in Seattle.

It’s an excellent spot for a picnic because you can enjoy the vertigo-inducing view of staring up at the 605 ft structure, and the people watching in the area of the city is top-notch.

Throughout the summer, there are festivals most weekends and always plenty of street musicians. You’ll see students on camp field trips, tourists queuing to take the elevator to the top, and so many people soaking up the atmosphere in what is undoubtedly the beating heart of the city.

Just around the corner is the Artists at Play playground, arguably one of the world’s coolest playgrounds.

Even if you don’t go up to the observation deck of the Space Needle, you can still make this iconic landmark part of your visit by having a picnic in its long, thin shadow.

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Kerry Park

The most iconic view of the Seattle skyline can be found in a small, unassuming neighbourhood green patch called Kerry Park.

Kerry Park is not much of a tourist destination, but locals know and love it for the sweeping scenery. From this little patch of grass, you can see all of downtown Seattle and way out over Elliot Bay into the Puget Sound. On a clear day, when “the mountains are out” (as the locals say), the downtown skyline is perfectly framed by views of Mt. Rainier.

City Skyline from Kerry Park.

Kerry Park has no facilities beyond a water fountain and a cool sculpture. However, the grass is perfect for a picnic, and there are few places in the city with such magnificent views.

Getting to Kerry Park

Kerry Park can be found by heading up Queen Anne Hill, away from the Seattle Center. You’ll need to turn west onto a small, residential street called Highland Drive to find it. But once you drive past, there is no mistaking you’re in the correct spot. There is no parking lot, but plenty of street parking as there typically aren’t many people hanging around.

If you want to enjoy magnificent scenery with your alfresco picnic and capture the perfect picture of Seattle – Kerry Park is a lovely out of the way place to picnic in Seattle.

By Dani Ward | Diapers in Paradise