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8 of The World’s Best Wildlife and Wilderness Destinations

Discover the World’s Best Wildlife and Wilderness Destinations

A remote jungle or a region of pristine wilderness. Places where the air is clean, nature still rules, and magnificent landscapes overwhelm us with their majesty and beauty.

Today, these destinations are considered some of the most luxurious and unique experiences in the world.

With the continuing rise of affordable travel, tourism continues to expand into areas of the world previously considered “off the radar”. It may seem there are few true wilderness destinations left to discover.

wooden walkway across wet lands backed by snow capped mountains. this is the place to visit if you are looking for the best wildlife and wilderness destinations

Thankfully, there are still many exotic wildlife holidays and wilderness destinations to explore from the remote and rugged Carpathian Mountains in central Eastern Europe to the snow-covered reaches of Alaska.

Get back to nature with some of these wild and unique wilderness destinations.

Wolf Tracking in Romania

The 1500km long Carpathian mountain range runs in an arch of more than 900 km through Romania encircling the beautiful Transylvania region.

The region has one of the most extensive virgin forests and the most significant big carnivore populations in Europe.

wolf in a meadow in Romania which is one of the best places to see wildlife on your best ever wildlife and wilderness vacation

In addition to the largest brown bear population in Europe, the pristine wilderness is also home to the elusive Eurasian Grey Wolf. From the ideal base in Brasov or Zarnesti, it is possible to take small group hikes through the forests to track and watch wolves as well as bears and lynx in their natural habitat.

wolf walking through a romania forest at dusk.  Romania ranks highly for best wildlife and wilderness destinations.  If you are planning to have the best wildlife vacation that is also affordable then Romania is a great choice.

Over Alaska by Air

Experience the famed tundras and snow-capped mountains of Alaska from the air for a truly exhilarating wilderness experience.

One hundred miles from any paved roads, deep in the Alaskan wilderness, you will find a luxury experience centred on adventure.

As far as isolation goes, the Ultima Thule Lodge is as remote about remote as it can get. It is from here you can take a spectacular scenic flight across one of the largest protected wilderness areas in the world.

After the flight, relax in the lodge while wild bears and bison roam outside and watch as the Northern Lights skip across the sky — a guaranteed experience of a lifetime from start to finish.

cockpit view of snow capped alaskan alps.  best wildlife and wilderness destinations provide an abundance of animals such as wild bears and bison moving freely.

Loisaba Tented Camps, Kenya

Located on top of an escarpment in a 22,000-hectare conservancy in northern Kenya, the Loisaba Tented Camp offers luxurious wilderness accommodation with breathtaking panoramas of Laikipia county and Mt Kenya.

view across smooth rock outcrop onto the veld below.  Blue skies and moving cloud complete the picture in Kenya's best wildlife and wilderness destination, Laikipia

The unfenced camp lies in the vicinity of the elephant migration corridor, which means elephant sightings are possible from the comfort of the strategically located tents.

If viewing passing wildlife such as rare wild dogs and lions from the camp is not enough action for you, there are three game drives a day, including night drives.
You can also enjoy horse riding, trekking, mountain biking, and visiting local Samburu villages.

Loisaba Tented Camp is a luxurious experience set against the wild terrain and adventure of Kenya’s incredible wilderness.

elephants large and small crossing the dirt road in front of your safari truck.  these are the sights that make for the best wildlife vacation

Orangutan Sighting in Sabah, Borneo

The jungles of Sabah on the island of Borneo is one of the last remaining habitats for the orangutans and by far Borneo’s most popular attraction.

Head to Sandakan to visit the famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and to discover an incredible abundance of unspoilt rainforests and tropical rivers. Here it is possible to see an astonishing array of animal species including the highly endangered and elusive clouded leopard.

Orangutan with hand in his mouth hanging from a tree in Borneo. Looking for the best places to see wildlife then Borneo is a well kept unique secret as it houses some of the best wildlife and wilderness in the world.

The great Kinabatangan river which runs through the famous Tabin Wildlife Reserve provides a magical opportunity for visitors to explore the complex rainforest environment by way of canopy walks, boat rides and night walks with highly professional guides.

A cheeky little proboscis monkey in Borneo the home to some of the best wildlife and wilderness in the world

Watch the odd-looking proboscis monkeys forage in the trees right above you, while it is possible to spot at least four species of hornbills soaring above.

Spot Wild Tigers in India

India is home to a fascinating amount of flora and fauna from grasslands to forests, lakes, and rivers. All of which is a pristine habitat for the tiger.

It is said, and rightfully so that seeing a tiger in the wild is one of the most humbling experiences one can hope to have in life. One of the best places to realise this dream is Central India, which has the highest density of Bengal Tigers.

Tiger walking through the bush in central India.  India is one of the best places to see tigers in the wild

Kanha and Bandhavgarh National Parks are just a few of the ideal tiger encounter parks of Central India.
April and May are ideal months for big cat sightings as the ordinarily elusive Tigers are drawn to waterholes to drink in the hotter months.

tiger walking towards you in the bush in central india.  Seeing this majestic animal in the wild makes for the best wildlife and wilderness experience

Wild Antarctica

One of the most remote places on earth, the frozen continent of Antarctica, a beautiful yet inhospitable wilderness is an essential habitat to an extraordinary range of wildlife.

Despite the extremely cold conditions, animals still manage to thrive at certain times of the year, some through the worst of the seasons.

a large seal laying on the ice in Antarctica.  This is truly the worlds best wildlife and wilderness destination

A once in a lifetime adventure, Antarctica delivers a “Big Five” style of wildlife experience. From the cheeky and playful Adélie penguins to the vast colonies of majestic Emporer Penguins who brave the harsh Antarctic winter to ensure the survival of their egg.

Penguin chick sitting on mothers feet in Antarctica. The best wildlife and wilderness destination in the world

Orcas, leopard and elephant seals are always a highlight as is the possibility of a rare blue whale sighting. For the bird enthusiast, Albatros and numerous species of petrels are a common sighting.

Once the reserve of intrepid explorers and expeditions, Antarctica is now becoming much easier for the average traveller to reach thanks to an increase in expedition cruises throughout the summer months.

Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda

The remote forests of Rwanda, despite years of poaching and habitat loss, are home to nearly 50% of the world’s remaining mountain gorilla population.

Gorilla numbers have more than doubled in the last 50 years thanks to conservation efforts; however, there are still less than 1000 individuals left on earth.

close up of black gorillas face. To keep and preserve the best wildlife and wilderness destinations it is necessary to look after our natural resources.

The possibility of coming face to face with a population of these great primates is a privilege afforded to those wishing to make the journey to the remote mountain forests of Rwanda.

Small group hiking tours are now possible to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Mountain Gorilla Trekking is a tourism initiative intended to raise awareness through education and raise money through trekking permits to continue the conservation of mountain Gorillas and their habitat.

best wildlife and wilderness destinations

The Famous Big Five of Africa

The quintessential wildlife experience – an African safari. Whether sighting hippo from a mokoro canoe on Botswana’s Okavango Delta, witnessing the great migration in Kenya, or taking a self-drive safari through the iconic Kruger National park, Africa offers one of the most diverse and exhilarating wildlife experiences on the planet.

Lion baring its teeth.  Africa still rates as the greatest wildlife and wilderness destination that is accessible to all types of tourists and travellers.  It is a truly great wildlife vacation.

To see the Big Five in the wild is a privilege so nearly lost to humankind through hunting, poaching and habitat loss.

Where there was once a time where trophy hunting was an integral part of an African safari, animal conservation is now at the core of nearly all safari activities. Ecotourism and conservation-based safari have become a vital and viable alternative in preserving the natural environment and reclaiming the animal habitat.

Elephant eating leaves from tree in Southern Africa.  Africa still rates as the greatest wildlife and wilderness destination that is accessible to all types of tourists and travellers.  It is a truly great wildlife vacation.

A cultural component also forms an important part of any safari as it offers wildlife experience along with encounters with local communities.