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21 Unique Things To Do In London In Spring

Planning a trip? London in spring is a fantastic choice for a wonderful getaway, offering a lovely blend of mild weather and stunning blossoms.

I lived in London for 6 years and let me tell you, springtime in London is the best time to visit! If you get a good day it’s bright and sunny, warming up towards the later part of the season. It’s busy, like any city, but it’s not heaving with crowds.

It’s beautiful. Everyone seems happier, the birds sing louder and iconic landmarks are bathed in the soft hues of spring. 

Woman outside in the park on a sunny spring day in london with arms outstretched as she smiles

I loved living in London. There are so many fun activities and hidden gems that as a local, we only found through wandering aimlessly around the city’s famed streets.

In this post, I’m sharing 21 of my favourite (and unique) things to do in London in Spring. 

21 Things To Do In London In Spring

1. May Day at Little Venice

I lived around the Little Venice area for years so maybe I’m biased but it’s my favourite part of London. I don’t know why but this area never seems to get as busy as other places but the Little Venice canal is gorgeous! 

gondelier rowing a couple on canal in Little Venice, London, UK

That said, during the early May Bank Holiday the canal comes alive with celebrations attracting narrowboats from all over – and it does get busy! London has a variety of free events and the IWA Canal Cavalcade is one of the best – it’s held along the Grand Union Canal between Blomfield Road, Warwick Avenue and Warwick Crescent.

The last time we were there it was a vibrant lively festival perfect for everyone. You’ll find unique craft and market stalls, beer and drink bars and delicious food stalls. There’s always live music and it’s a great opportunity to join boating activities and hear from the local community.

2. Lunchtime at Clifton Nurseries

Bluebell flowers in beautiful green foilage outside in London

If you can’t make the IWA Canalway Cavalcade don’t worry, Little Venice is full of other great spots. I would recommend visiting the canal during your trip to London as walking along the waterway when the flowers are in bloom is another great thing to do in London.

If you’re looking for a unique place to visit, head to Clifton Nurseries. It’s a small garden centre in the heart of London and during spring it’s a beautiful place to wander around. The best thing is they have a small cafe which serves delicious meals. 

For me, it’s the perfect place to stop and grab a Saturday morning breakfast surrounded by plants after a long week.

3. Bermondsey Beer Mile

Whether it rains or shines, one activity to be enjoyed in London during spring is a day out at Bermondsey. The Bermondsey beer mile is a hidden gem for beer lovers nestled beneath South London’s arches. 

It’s a fun experience, especially if you’re visiting London with friends, with a lively atmosphere. This little stretch of industrial estate houses this fantastic journey and took off when a group of innovative brewers set up shop in old railway arches.

group of three friends drinking beer on a wooden table in London, UK

You can literally hop from one brewery to the next, experiencing a variety of craft brews. Each stop has its unique flavour, from traditional ales to the quirkiest of concoctions.

4. Maltby Street Food Market

Bowl of food from the Maltby Street Food Market filled with sweet potato, guacamole and cooked vegetables

In the same area, you’ll find Maltby Street Food Market. It’s one of two, of my favourite foodie markets in London. It used to be known mostly to locals but has grown in recent years so visiting during spring means beating the summer crowds.

It’s a great little spot down a narrow alley under the viaducts and filled with a huge variety of food stalls where you can get classic British meals. There are bars within the arches (and a handful of breweries) but you’re more likely to find gin bars and oyster stalls.

You could literally spend the whole day hopping from one bar to the next popping out for more food and experimenting with unique flavours. 

Crowded marketplace with flags at Maltby Street Market in London, UK

5. The Waterway’s Sunday Roast

Another place that deserves a mention and really comes alive once the weather starts warming up is the Waterway. It’s a local spot nestled along the canal in Little Venice and has one of the best roasts in London.

I can’t get enough, and nor can my family; they would regularly travel from Colchester to visit me, and we’d always go here for a roast!

To make things even better, the restaurant has an outdoor seating area overlooking the river. There’s loads of greenery around so it’s a really beautiful spot in London to grab a bite, especially in spring, away from the crowds. 

  • Head over to the Waterway while enjoying a lovely canal stroll – Official Website

6. Easter Eggs for Grown-Ups 

We all know that springtime means Easter, and Easter means chocolate eggs, right? So there’s no way you can visit London during spring without munching down on some of the country’s top-notch easter eggs.  

So where do you find them? Head over to Fortnum and Mason! You’re going to be astounded by the amount of intricately designed chocolate eggs they have. Their displays are picture-perfect and the eggs, well they taste divine. 

Exterior front entrance of Fortnum and Mason, London. Greeter Man outside the building

You’ll find everything from Champagne-infused creations to delightfully dark and decadent fondants and cream-filled eggs. These are indulgences for adults, way too good to be shared with sticky little fingers!

7. The Floating Pocket Park

One thing the kiddies will enjoy is a visit to the Floating Pocket Park in Paddington. Designed by the Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winner Tony Woods, it’s a small park in the heart of Paddington just behind the station.

five swans swimming in a London lake and another white bird in the background

What makes it great for kids? If you visit during spring you’ll likely spot ducklings cruising around the waterways! It’s also filled with colourful plants and flowers that change throughout the seasons so there will be some blooms in spring for you to enjoy.

Swans aside, it’s a tranquil space great if you need somewhere to plonk your bottoms while you eat your meal deal or a little afternoon relaxation in idyllic England away from the chaos of London

8. Spring Blooms at Kew Gardens

Talking about spring blooms, one place you cannot miss if you’re visiting London in spring is Kew Gardens. London’s botanical gardens are a dream for nature enthusiasts boasting an amazing collection of over 50,000 different species of plants. 

Beautiful trees blooming with white flower sin the park with a pond in the background

This stunning variety has listed the Royal Gardens as a UNESCO World Heritage Site making it a must-visit attraction! 

Don’t miss the treetop walkway for stunning aerial views over the gardens.

During spring you’ll witness vibrant cherry blossoms, tulips in a riot of colours, and magnolias blooming in their full glory. The Alpine House bursts with alpine flowers, and the Woodland Glade becomes a carpet of bluebells. 

Useful Information: 

9. The Thames Loop by Bike

I haven’t personally cycled this route but I’ve walked a lot of the Thames Path (or should I say ran a lot of it, especially when I was training for the London Marathon), and I saw a lot of cyclists enjoying their rides. 

You don’t need to own a bike and can easily cycle the sights with Santander Cycles. You’ll find docking stations all around the city and along the loop with rentals starting from £1.65 for up to 30 minutes (plus £1.65 for each additional 30 minutes).

The Thames Loop starts at Westminster and passes iconic sites like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, Somerset House, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

The National Gallery museum with gray skies in London, UK
  • For more information on Santander bikes and the Thames Loop, visit here.

10. Observe the London Marathon

On to another exciting activity and since I mentioned the London Marathon above, which I ran in 2017 (a huge achievement for me) now’s a great time to bring it up. You don’t have to run to enjoy the day as being a spectator is just as fun.

The marathon is held in April, right in the middle of spring, drawing crowds to London in their masses. It’s a huge event where people take the streets to cheer on participants. The city comes alive and the atmosphere is incredible.

You’ll experience the best of British culture with people coming together. The streets fill with energy and the pubs are full. It’s a fun day out for the whole family! 

11. Floating Boat Brunch

I’m bringing you back to Paddington for the next couple of activities, ‘cause well I just think this area is great. You might have already guessed it but I’m a huge foodie fan and another one of my favourite places to eat in London is at Darcie & May Green. 

It’s a quirky location for top-deck brunching and if you’re blessed with a bright and sunny day you’ll find a cheerful boat covered in custom artwork by the ‘godfather’ of British pop art; Sir Peter Blake.

Beautiful partly sunny day in London looking out a pond with the Ferris wheel and castle in the background

The food is always superb here; go for the tea-total bottomless brunch for a healthy dose of Kombucha! 

If you get a good day, or even if you don’t, you’ll be able to watch the boats pass along the canal. It’s also super easy to get to since it’s located directly outside the Paddington station!

  • Visit Darcie & May Green for a unique mid-morning brunch – Official Website

12. Street Food at Pergola Paddington

If you’re looking for another unique place to visit for a bit of lively-late night dancing head to Pergola at Paddington Central. This whole area has been developed and is now filled with quirky eateries, cafes and bars.

Pergola is the best part of this, home to West London’s largest alfresco dining experience. They hold annual events too, like Christmas-themed nights and Easter extravaganzas. You’ll find hidden gardens, a rooftop blaring tunes and delicious cocktails in the heart of London.

13. Enjoy a Day Festival in London

Late spring signals the start of festival season countrywide and London is no stranger to holding epic day festivals. There are all sorts from radio shows in the park to all-out raves in underground dens. 

Sunset view over London photo taken from inside a restaurant looking out

It’s been a while since we went to London for a day festival but a few past favourites have been Radio 2 in the Park (saw Bruno Mars there) and Lovebox. You’ll find a ton more like Pub in the Park, Cross The Tracks which offers jazz and soul music in Brixton, Wireless (a big festival these days) and Meltdown Festival.

Useful Information: 

14. Spot Deer at Richmond Park

If you love wildlife and fancy a stroll around one of London’s green treasure troves, spring at Richmond Park is a must! If you’re lucky you’ll witness majestic deer roaming freely amidst blooming wildflowers which is truly an enchanting experience for any nature lover. 

The Park is a place with a long history too, with ancient trees and epic landscapes. It was originally created by Charles I in the 17th century as a royal hunting ground! 

Sculpture in Hypde park on a partly cloudy day in London
Hyde Park Sculpture

These days it provides a haven for nature lovers and a stunning backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts being a superb spot for peaceful strolls surrounded by calming and soothing sounds.

  • Visit Richmond Park and plan your perfect spring getaway – Official Website

15. A Day Trip to The Cotswolds

For me, a visit to the Cotswolds is always best in spring. It’s an area in the heart of the English Countryside with outstanding beauty just a short distance from London. If you have time, don’t miss the chance to join a tour and visit one of the most beautiful and culturally rich regions of the UK.

You’ll visit picturesque villages surrounded by soft hills and vibrant blossoms, explore honey-coloured cottages in picturesque villages and stroll along wheat fields on county walks. 

The Cotswolds become a breathtaking escape of tranquillity and charm, and since spring is just before the summer peak, you’ll beat the crowds but get all the wonders!! 

Top 3 Day Trips To The Cotswolds:

16. Borough Market Tasters

My second favourite market in London is Borough Market. I spent a lot of time around London Bridge and always found myself back at this market. It’s a great place filled with tempting aromas and an array of naughty treats. 

They sell every kind of fresh produce from artisanal cheeses to freshly baked pastries which you can taste as you walk around; you’ll also find restaurants and pubs dotted around the outside. I love the atmosphere which is always lively and bustling with both locals and tourists.

table filled with different types of mushrooms in Borough Market in London, UK

It’s got a certain old-world charm and whether you’re on the hunt for unique ingredients, craving a quick bite, or simply soaking in the lively ambience, it never fails to deliver a wonderful experience. 

17. Enjoy Rooftop Cocktails

You can’t visit London without checking out its famous rooftop bars – of which there are many! A few of my favourites include Radio Rooftop Bar, Aqua Kyoto Rooftop and Soho Sky Terrace.

Of course, there are tons more but if you’re looking for a sophisticated afternoon sipping on delicious cocktails overlooking London in bloom, these are the best. 

Martini garnished with a lime wedge and jalepano. View from inside restaurant overlooking London

Don’t fancy a cocktail? They also feature a fantastic selection of wines from around the world; we love wine, too!

Useful Information:

18. Take a Riverboat Cruise

A hugely popular activity which is not so unique but a must-do while in London is a riverboat cruise. You can jump on a boat from iconic spots like Westminster Pier and embark on a journey that unveils London’s landmarks from a whole new perspective. 

Cruising along the Thames, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and the Houses of Parliament. It’s also a fantastic way to soak in the city’s history.

You can opt for a daytime cruise or an evening journey with the city lights aglow, a riverboat adventure will add a touch of magic to your London experience and is great for the whole family!

Top 3 Riverboat Cruises in London:

19. Spot Peacocks at Holland Park

As spring breathes life into Holland Park, peacocks showcase their stunning plumage in an act of courtship ready to attract a mate. It’s a really beautiful sight to enjoy as you stroll through this lovely hidden gem of a park in London. 

Holland Park also has a wonderful Japanese-themed garden which you’ll enjoy and since it’s not a popular spot for tourists you’ll find it never gets overcrowded – like Hyde Park. 

During spring you’ll be surrounded by the vibrant colours and if you fancy a bite to eat there is a nice local pub close by Holland Park Station. The Mitre serves a decent roast and afterwards, if you’re looking for a late-night drinking spot nearby, head to Beach Blanket Babylon.

Useful information:

20. RHS Chelsea Royal Flower Show

Another probably not-so-unique but totally worthwhile activity is the Royal Flower Show. I’ve been once and it was incredible. It’s such a gorgeous celebration of all things floral and horticultural. 

Walking through the Chelsea Flower Show you’ll be stepping into a blooming wonderland where every corner is bursting with breathtaking displays. There are vibrant gardens designed by top horticulturists to the latest trends in floral design, it’s an event that truly captures the essence of botanical beauty.

people taking photographs of a large multicolor flower arrangement in Chelsea Flower Show in London, UK

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gardening enthusiast or just want to appreciate the splendour of nature, the Royal Flower Show at Chelsea is an experience that’s not just worthwhile but utterly enchanting.

21. Boating at Regents Park

The final activity not to be missed while you visit London in spring is to romantically pedal a boat around Regents Park. It’s a serene escape from the urban buzz, surrounded by pretty greenery.

To be fair, it doesn’t have to be a romantic escapade, you can do this with friends for just as much fun! Either way, it’s a charming experience which will add a touch of magic to your springtime visit and it’s a superb way to complete your London spring adventure!


60 minutes boat hire

  • Adult: £11.75
  • Child: £5.75 (3 to 15 years)
  • Family: £31.50 (2 adults and up to 3 children)
  • Royal Parks – Official Website

How Is The Weather In London During Spring

It’s temperamental, to be honest. We sometimes have really warm, sunny and bright days and then other times it’s raining and cloudy. As for the temperatures, it’s not too cold but you’ll still need a coat and layers, especially in early spring.

March sits around 12°C but can be as cold as 6°C. April begins to warm up and you’ll likely see temperatures a little warmer around 15°C but when it’s a cold day it still stays around the 7°Cs. May can be hit or miss with warm days hitting 18°C or more, but lows remain around 10°C. 

As for rain, the city gets about 8 days in total during spring. April is meant to bring the “April Showers” but the last few years have not been too wet.

Big Ben clocktower in London, UK under construction

What To Pack For London In Spring

From the above weather, you can probably gauge that you’re going to need to pack some warm clothes and layers. It’s not summer just yet, after all! 

To make sure you don’t get caught out here’s a quick list of the essentials: a compact umbrella, comfy ankle boots, a raincoat, jeans and a dress, long-sleeved tops and short sleeve tops and a warm jumper, plus a scarf and a bag big enough put some layers in should you need to de-layer!

How To Get Around London In Springtime

London is super easy to navigate, or at least I think it is. Maybe it’s not? The underground is the best for travelling longer distances but avoid it during rush hour (between 4 and 6:30) if you can.

To travel shorter distances it’s all about walking. London is one of the best cities to wander around and it actually doesn’t take too long to walk around Central London’s attractions. If you get a beautiful spring day you’ll want to walk, it’s just superb.

Downtown London street with London flags strung across the buildings and people walking on the town sidewalks

You could also catch a bus if you prefer not to enter the underground. It’s a nice way to experience the city at a leisurely pace, you’ll be able to see the spring blooms from the top deck of the bus too! 

London has the famous Black Cabs, although a little expensive they are a novelty to ride around in and the drivers know all the shortcuts! If you prefer a more affordable taxi London also has Uber, although don’t tell the cabbies you’ve been using the Ubers!

Transport For London (TFL) is well-connected and there are trains, buses, bikes and taxis available every day, at all hours. Plan your journey on the TFL website.

London Bridge and the River Thames with gray skies

In Summary: London In Spring

As always, I want to leave you with some final thoughts about visiting London in Spring and why I think it’s a great time to visit. It’s simply because you’ll get to experience a beautiful blooming London in a hassle-free way without the crowds. 

I’m not a huge fan of crowds and springtime is perfect for avoiding them. Although it’s not the warmest time of the year it’s generally more sunny than rainy, so if pack sensibly you’re going to have a lovely experience.

If you’re limited on time and really want the best of London in springtime I would recommend visiting Maltby Market, Kew Gardens, Little Venice (with lunch at the waterway) and Borough Markets. You’ll have a wonderful cultural trip filled with delicious food and stunning scenery.

Guest Author Bio: Thank you, Abigail!

Bio: Abigail is the owner and creator behind I’m Going On An Adventure. She focuses on world travel and outdoor adventure, giving first-hand experiences to help her readers plan their perfect travel and make the best memories.