The most Incredible Places to Visit in Morocco

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Bustling ancient city, with a vibrant and chaotic rhythm.

Ouzoud Falls

A tranquil escape from Marrakech. Beautiful falls, swimming, hiking and monkeys.


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Chill coastal fishing town of immense beauty and history

Lined Circle


French heritage, modern cosmopolitan vibe and historic sites. 

Moroccan Capital.  Where old meets new on the coast.



The oldest of the Imperial cities and Morocco's spiritual and cultural capital 


Unique international, cross-cultural influence. Where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic

One of the Imperial cities, Meknes is a historical and cultural treasure of great beauty. 



A beautiful coastal resort town with whitewashed buildings and fortifications set against a stunning coastline.


The " Blue Pearl" of Morocco.  Picturesque blue city in the Riff Mountains

Sahara Desert

Desert adventure and Berber culture

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The Atlas Mountains

Dramatic scenery, Berber culture, gorges, hiking and more

The Hollywood of Morocco. Incredible landscapes, ancient kasbahs and film sets of famous movies. Visit Atlas Studios. 


Skoura Oasis

Unexpected agricultural oasis and palm grove.   Indulge in the unhurried nature of the Oasis in luxe farm to table guesthouses.

Rose Valley

Fertile agricultural oasis carpeted with roses in April and May.  The Rose Festival is celebrated in May

A modern and cosmopolitan seaside resort town with a vibrant waterfront holiday vibe.