Morocco’s most popular destination, Marrakech is a beautiful frenzy visitors either love or hate. The UNESCO city with an ancient heritage and French influences captures the imagination with a heady array of sights, smells and flavours.

In summer (June – September), temperatures will be sweltering. The heat can is also exacerbated within the narrow lanes of the medina.

Weather in Marrakech

Carry Small Denominations

Try to get as many small denominations when you exchange money or break the larger notes at a restaurant or store before heading into the souks.

What is a Riad and Why You Should Stay in One

A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house, generally with two or more stories around a central courtyard or garden containing a fountain. Riads are inwardly focused, to allow for privacy and protection from the weather.

These are some of the best 5 Star resorts in Marrakech

– Amanjena Resort – The Royal Mansour – Selman Marrakech – Mandarin Oriental – La Sultana Marrakech

Getting a Taxi to Your Accommodation in the Medina

If you are staying in a riad in the medina, taxis will not take you directly to the door as the streets are too narrow.

How to Dress in Marrakech

Please follow the local cue on what is appropriate dress. You will only attract unwanted attention by dressing inappropriately, even if that is different to what we deem conservative.

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Marrakech is an incredible city to photograph, full of vibrant colours and exotic displays. But be aware, people in Marrakech (and Morocco) don’t always like having their photos taken.

Photography in Marrakech

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