The Corn Islands sit 70 km to the east of Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast. These tiny islands are part of the Caribbean people are just starting to find out about, and word is spreading fast.

Best Time to Visit The Corn Islands

The temperatures on the Corn Islands do not vary that much. The main changes will be in humidity and wet and dry seasons.

Big Corn Island

Big Corn Island has stunning beaches, plenty of diving and snorkelling and loads of laid-back bars and restaurants. Just don’t expect anything too fancy.

Transfers to Little Corn Island

There are two boats each day to Little Corn Island that connect with the flights.

Accommodation on Big Corn Island

Accommodation on Big Corn ranges from very cheap and cheerful hostels to more established hotels and resorts.

Dining on Big Corn Island

While tourism is on the increase, the primary industry of The Corn Islands is fishing; mainly lobster and shrimp for export which means there is no shortage of great dining.

Arriving at Little Corn Island

When you arrive on Little Corn Island, you will not find taxis; there are no cars at all on Little Corn Island. It is walking or bicycles (if you can get one).

Accommodation on Little Corn Island

Accommodations on Little Corn vary from very cheap and basic (~$15/night) to somewhat higher end (~$100/night).

Where We Stayed on Little Corn Island

Carlitos Place is one of a number of small properties sitting right on the beach, on the eastern side of the island.

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