Morocco’s climate is as diverse as its geography and with so many different experiences on offer; packing for Morocco needs to be both practical and respectful of local culture.

Aside from cultural considerations and the different activities you have planned in Morocco, you also need to pack clothes to cover you for a changeable climate.

What to Wear in Morocco

Basic Morocco Dress Code for Women

– Always keep shoulders covered – no strappy tops unless covered by a shawl or cardigan. – Shorts, dresses, and skirts should always come to at least your knees, if not over.

Basic Morocco Dress Code for Men

– Generally, men should wear long pants with a shirt. – Jeans and a t-shirt are fine although a collared shirt is considered more appropriate. Jeans should be well-fitting and not torn.

Best Shoes for Morocco

If you want an all-around, breathable shoe for warm weather that will work for hiking, sightseeing, even swimming, we can highly recommend Tropicfeel’s Monsoon shoe for Morocco.

What to Pack for Morocco By Season

Summer – June to August – Loose, breathable clothing that will keep you cool. – Clothing for sun protection. E.g. large hat. Long sleeve light shirts.

– Bring a warm jacket. A windbreaker will be welcome if heading to the coast, it can get quite windy. – Additional lightweight under layers for cold mornings and evenings. Easy to remove as the days warm up.

Winter – November to February

Consider practical luggage for a trip to Morocco. When we say practical, we mean easy to manoeuvre and carry.

Take the Right Luggage

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