10 Scenic Train Routes in Europe

Europe boasts some of the most scenic countries in the world. With so many unforgettable and iconic rail routes, train travel has always been a wonderful way to see Europe.

It allows the traveler time to see more of the continent and reignites the old-school adventure and romance of travel. There’s never been a better time to consider scenic train trips in Europe.

The Golden Pass Train

Traveling in panoramic cars that allow for unobstructed views of the countryside and Swiss Alps.

Switzerland lays claim to some of the most famous and scenic rail routes in the world. The world-famous Glacier Express offers Switzerland’s most striking alpine landscapes.

The Glacier Express Switzerland

The Bosphorus Express Bucharest to Istanbul

What better way to arrive in Istanbul, a city famous for its blend of eastern and western splendor than by train. Reviving part of the historic Orient Express route.

The short four-hour journey from Chur Switzerland to Tirano Italy is without a doubt one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world.

The Bernina Express Switzerland to Italy

While the country is not known for train travel, the Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor railway between Split and Zagreb promises a unique and very scenic train journey.

Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor Railway Croatia

The Arlberg Railway Austria Innsbruck to Bludenz

The mountain railway is one of the highest standard-gauge railways in Europe, the second-highest in Austria.

The Bergensbanen Norway, Bergen to Oslo

You’ll be treated to vistas of Norway’s low-lying forests and lakes as it snakes towards the stunning mountain landscapes at the highest point.

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