There is no doubt; Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s premier game reserves. It is also one of the most uniquely accessible self-drive safari reserves in the world.

Best Time To Visit Kruger National Park

No matter the weather in Kruger National Park, there is no wrong season to visit Kruger but different times of the year offer different highlights.

Winter (Dry Season)

No rain means the wildlife will migrate towards remaining water sources. Waterholes, dams and rivers become reliable sources for wildlife sightings, especially in the mornings when wildlife come to drink.

Summer (Wet Season)

Due to the rain, the grass is much higher and the bush green and lush. Spotting wildlife can be more difficult with the dense vegetation, but to see the bush so lush is a beautiful experience in itself.

Arriving at Kruger. Plan Your Arrival Time

Remember, you need to travel to Kruger, then on to your first camp. It can be a long day, especially if you have to drive from Johannesburg to Kruger.

A 3 – 5 night itinerary would also allow you to experience some different Kruger Park rest camps along the way and maximise your wildlife sighting opportunities.

Consider One of the Kruger Safari Tours

If a guided or private safari isn’t in your budget, or your cup of tea, SAN Parks run shorter morning and afternoon game drives from each camp. These don’t offer the same personalised experienced but are still very worthwhile.

Best Car for a Kruger Self Drive Safari

If you are looking for a car rental for Kruger or wondering if your vehicle is suitable, you do not need a 4×4 vehicle for a self-drive safari in Kruger.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Car for Kruger Self Drive Safari

Consider distances you may travel within the park and does your car rental allow for unlimited mileage.

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