10 Free Things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Despite its popularity, Edinburgh remains an ideal city break for budget travelers. There are plenty of free things to do in and around the city, including a whole range of attractions, galleries, and museums. 

Whether you’re planning a trip on a budget or want to see a different side to what the city has to offer, here are 10 free things to do in the Scottish capital. 

Take a Self Guided Walking Tour

It’s an ideal way to get your own personalized perspective of the city all for free. It’s also a sustainable option if you want to make your trip more eco-friendly.

On top of the mound sits the Edinburgh Acropolis, a free attraction that’s otherwise known as the unfinished National Monument of Scotland.

Explore Carlton Hill 

Climb Arthur’s Seat 

Located in Holyrood Park, the volcanic hill dominates the skyline and offers panoramic views of the city below and out towards the sea.

Beautiful as it is, the climb is not without effort and sturdy shoes that you don’t mind getting a bit muddy are recommended. The steep ascent is a little scrambly nearer the top but you’re certainly rewarded.

Seventy Two acres of stunning landscape with perfectly pruned gardens dating back to the 17th century which you can visit for free.

The Royal Botanic Garden

St Giles’ Cathedral 

You can hardly miss the striking St Giles’ Cathedral located on the Royal Mile. Founded in 1124, it predates most of Edinburgh’s Old Town and has a rich history to match.

Visit Free Museums in Edinburgh

An excellent choice on a cold, rainy day or if you want to soak up some Scottish and world history. The museum has exhibitions on natural history, design, fashion and more.

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