Visiting Bran Castle in Transylvania Romania

Welcome to Bran Castle, Transylvania. Commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, discover the real story behind the magnificent Bran Castle and their most famous fictional resident.

Where is Bran Castle

Bran Castle is in the Brasov County in Transylvania. One of the most beautiful and touristic areas of Romania.

The castle’s position on the border of Transylvania gave it great military and commercial importance until the border of Transylvania moved in 1836.

Bran Castle History

Bran Castle, The Royal Residence of Romania

After a nine-year restoration, Bran Castle remained a favorite royal residence until communism forced the royal family from Romania.

The castle was restored as a museum dedicated to the memory of the royal family of Romania. One can’t help but feel the decor might be just a little Dracula-inspired.

Despite the foreboding exterior, the interior of Bran Castle is quite homely, in a castle kind of way.

Inside Dracula’s Castle

Exhibition of Medieval Instruments of Torture

Bran Castle is hosting a temporary exhibition of Medieval Instruments of Torture collected throughout Eastern Europe.

Special Events at Bran Castle

During the summer season, Bran Castle hosts outdoor events such as jazz and classical concerts, children’s fairytale events and special movie screenings on the castle grounds.

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