Having sailed on a number of Viking River Cruises and Viking Ocean Cruises we realise packing for a river cruise differs from what you would pack for a cruise on one of the bigger cruise lines.

How to Pack for a River Cruise

The secret to packing for a cruise is still to pack light. River cruise cabins may not be as spacious as a hotel room or on an ocean-going vessel so you don’t want to clutter it with unnecessary stuff.

Pack Your Cruise Carry on Bag Wisely

We always recommend when you travel to pack a change of clothes (or two), some basic toiletries, and important medications and documents in your carry on luggage.

Consider Your Cruise Itinerary

What Season Are You Cruising In When considering how you should dress for a Viking river cruise, depending on the cruise you have chosen, first, think about the season and what weather you may expect.

Best Luggage for a Cruise

The best luggage for a river cruise is sturdy, easy to manoeuvre through airports and easy to stow under the bed once you have unpacked on board.

Cruise Luggage Tips

– If you are travelling as a couple, we recommend taking one large suitcase or bag between you for a cruise and one carry on bag each. – You maximise the room in your cabin this way and only have to worry about one case while you are travelling.

Pack with Mix and Match in Mind

To avoid overpacking for your cruise choose clothing that will work for multiple combinations so you can mix and match outfits.

Cruise Packing Tips

How Much to Pack – If you are creating a packing list for a seven day cruise, select five to seven tops to compliment three to four bottoms. – A brightly coloured scarf, shawl or jacket will give you additional options for each combination and can be used to dress up any outfit.

Cruise Day Wear

– Comfortable trousers or jeans are best, or if the weather calls for it, shorts or skirts are also appropriate. – Lightweight, breathable tops. Both long and short sleeved. – A lightweight jacket or sweater for cooler weather.

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