Two Days in Switzerland Itinerary

Switzerland’s cities are very walkable, and connecting travel is very efficient. With two full days in Switzerland, it is possible to see many of Switzerland’s main attractions and get a good feel for the country. 

We have put together an itinerary that covers two of Switzerland’s most popular destinations – Zurich and Lucerne. Both are very achievable destinations in two days without rushing.

Day One: 24 Hours in Zurich

While Zurich doesn’t offer some of the breathtaking scenery found in other parts of the country, centred around Lake Zurich, it still cuts a very beautiful scene.

Stroll Bahnhofstrasse

Bahnhofstrasse is the main street in downtown Zurich and is one of the world’s most exclusive and expensive shopping streets.

Explore Zurich Old Town

Wander charming cobblestone streets punctuated with church spires to discover hidden corners with beautiful boutique shopping, traditional restaurants and cafes.

Day Two: 24 Hours in Lucerne

Surrounded by the striking panoramas of Mount Rigi and Pilatus, Lucerne offers a myriad of experiences no matter your interest.

Chapel Bridge

Wander across the bridge and enjoy the most beautiful views of Lucerne set against the Swiss Alps.

Lucerne Old Town

Crossing the Chapel Bridge from the “New Town” on the south bank, you will reach the Old Town on the north bank. Wander the charming traffic-free streets and squares of Old Town.

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