Traditional Italian Recipes By Region (29 recipes)

Italian food makes us think of homely comfort food founded on deeply-rooted heritages with the highest regard for quality, fresh ingredients. 

Mains, appetisers, desserts, and drinks, here is a list of traditional Italian recipes you can make at home from some of Italy's most famous food regions.

Brasato al Barolo (Braised Beef Roast)

Slow-cooked in wine until meltingly tender, served over creamy polenta in its own rich gravy, you can see why Brasato al Barolo is also a much-loved comfort food on a chilly night.

Gnocchi Alla Romana (Semolina Gnocchi)

These soft discs of semolina are so easy to make: baked au gratin in butter, eggs, milk, and pecorino cheese for a light, fluffy finish with a golden crunch crust.

Creamy Mushroom Pappardelle

For a taste of Tuscany in autumn, Pappardelle ai Funghi e Panna, is a classic seasonal Tuscan pasta dish with hearty mushrooms and a light cream sauce.

Malloreddus Alla Campidanese

Malloreddus alla Campidanese is an easy dish using tomato, sausage, and pecorino sauce for a wonderfully flavourful taste of Sardinia.

Traditional  Bolognese Sauce

In the north of Italy where Bolognese sauce originated and, in this case, one could argue, that the original recipe remains the best.

Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e Pepe which means "cheese & pepper", was a favoured dish with Roman shepherds as the three ingredients would keep for long periods.

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