Cyprus seduces tourists with her endless summer of stunning beaches set against glistening blue seas.

Best Time to Go to Cyprus

Cyprus is best in the spring and autumn months. If planning to be in Cyprus in the summer, try to avoid the hottest months around August when temperatures will be very high, unless of course, you are planning to head to the mountains.

Limassol and Larnaca

Limassol and Larnaca are more than just the administrative centres of the south. A lively tourist scene attracts an international crowd giving the cities a cosmopolitan vibe.

Nicosia Crossing the Border in Cyprus

Nicosia, the island’s capital, remains the last divided capital city in the world. An intriguing situation that makes the city worth visiting.


The Paphos Archaeological Park, a World Heritage Site since 1980 is one of the most impressive sites on the island.

Aphrodite’s Rock & The Sanctuary of Apollo

Driving from Limassol, north-west to Paphos provides some of the most breathtaking coastal views anywhere in the world. And, some of the most important archaeological sites.

Episkopi The Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates

Not far out of Limassol in Episkopi is the ancient monument dedicated to the god Apollo Hylates, one of the most important religious centres in Cyprus during ancient times.

Aphrodite Beach

Imagine bathing in the sparkling clear waters beneath the very rock Aphrodite was said to be born. Petra tou Romiou or Aphrodite Beach is located in a stunning bay along the main road to Paphos.

Cape Greco

Stunning sea caves both above and below the water make this a hot spot for divers. An abundance of sea life attracts recreational fishermen and the rocky coast leading to deep clear waters attract daredevil cliff jumpers.

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