The Ultimate Packing List for Nicaragua

The only thing that makes packing for Nicaragua tricky is the wonderful diversity of experiences this charming country offers.

Nicaragua offers so many different experiences, that you might need to put a little bit of thought into your Nicaragua packing list beyond a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

What to Wear in Nicaragua

The dress code in Nicaragua is very casual, but this doesn’t mean you don’t still have to consider your choices.

Nicaraguan people take pride in the way they dress in public and for the most part, always look neat and tidy.

Nicaragua Essentials for Men & Women

- A sun hat will be a must. - A lightweight travel scarf for both men and women. - A good bag for day-to-day use including city sightseeing and day trips.

Best Shoes for Nicaragua

If you want an all-around, breathable shoe for warm weather that will work for lite hiking, sightseeing, or even swimming, you might want to try a show like Astral Loyak Water Shoes.

Rainy Season – June to November - Loose, breathable clothing that will keep you cool as it can get quite humid. - You will still need clothing for sun protection.

What to Pack for Nicaragua By Season

Dry Season – December to May 

- Sun protection. E.g. large hat. Long sleeve light shirts. - Even though the weather will be hot, allow for a light jacket for cool evenings in high-altitude areas.

Take the Right Luggage

Consider practical luggage for a trip to Nicaragua. When we say practical, we mean easy to manoeuvre and carry.

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