Best Things to do in San Jose Costa Rica in One Day

Most people arrive in Costa Rica and head straight for the beaches, rainforests, and wellness retreats Costa Rica is becoming popular for.

However, there are plenty of reasons to stop in the capital before your big Costa Rica adventure and spend at least one day in San José Costa Rica.

Take a San José Walking Tour

It’s a fantastic introduction to downtown San José. The famous avenue is full of restaurants, hotels, shops, local street vendors, street musicians, and performers.

The San José Metallic Building

San José has many interesting architectural landmarks. Stroll the city and discover the more prominent ones, such as the Metallic Building.

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica

The historic building now hosts nine vibrant galleries. A number of these galleries are temporary, so regularly offer new exhibits.

San José National Museum Butterfly Garden

A highlight of the National Museum is the Butterfly garden.

The National Theater of Costa Rica

The story goes; the audience was asked to bring their own chairs at the grand opening. The ship carrying the finely crafted furniture from Venice had run aground and sunk on its voyage to San José.

Mercado Centrale

Mercado Centrale sells everything from fresh produce to stalls dedicated to fresh herbs, flowers, hats, coffee, and cigars.

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