8 Best Malibu Hikes You Cannot Miss

Malibu, CA, is well-known for its beach culture and excellent surfing, but you might be surprised to know Malibu is also home to some of the best hiking in Southern California.

Hikes in Malibu For Every Hiking Ability

Escondido Canyon Trail to Escondido Falls

The Escondido Falls trail in the Escondido Canyon Park leads to a stunning waterfall – it depends on the time of year though. If you hike this trail in the middle of summer, the falls are likely to be dried up.

Temescal Canyon Trail

Temescal Canyon Trail offers stunning ocean views and views of Malibu, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles, waterfalls, and a beautiful landscape of wildflowers in the season.

Los Liones Trail to Parker Mesa Overlook

The Los Liones Trail is fairly popular and draws a bit of a crowd on weekends. Luckily the hike is 8 miles roundtrip and the number of people thins out the further you go.

The Zuma Ridge Hike

Because Zuma Trail is a bit farther north of Los Angeles than most of the other Malibu hikes, this trail tends to be less crowded. You’ll enjoy peace and quiet while you break a sweat and take in the ocean and mountainous scenery.

Corral Canyon Loop Trail

An easy, family-friendly hike ( it is also dog friendly on leash), the Corral Canyon Loop Trail in Corral Canyon Park is one of the most accessible hikes in Malibu.

Backbone Trail to Sandstone Peak and Mishe Mokwa Trail Loop

Is a beautiful, sometimes challenging, but rewarding hike. Expect 5.7 miles of overall moderate hiking with some steep inclines and light scrambling at the peak.

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