3 Day Sedona Itinerary Including the Best Sedona Hikes


Sandwiched between the Coconino National Forest, Red Rock State Park, and other protected lands, the city of Sedona is uniquely positioned among hundreds of beautiful hiking trails.

If you have three days in Sedona, you have enough time to experience some unforgettable landscapes. There is also no shortage of beautiful and unique places to stay in Sedona.

Day 1 Airport Mesa and Tlaquepaque Village

From the Airport Mesa Scenic lookout, you have fantastic panoramic views. See if you can identify Coffee Pot Rock or Thunder Mountain from the lookout.

Brunch at Tlaquepaque Village

The Secret Garden Cafe is a popular European-style bistro that serves healthy breakfast favorites and delicious homemade delicacies.

Day 2 Vortex Yoga Hike

A vortex is considered to be a whirlpool of energy that can stimulate healing, enlightenment, meditation, and self-exploration.

Sedona Downtown and Lunch

Downtown Sedona is full of cool souvenirs stores, crystal shops, and Southwestern-inspired fashion boutiques.

Day 3 Devils Bridge Sunrise Hike

Devil’s Bridge, one of Sedona’s most photographed landscape features is a natural sandstone arch bridge you can walk across.

Treat Yourself to A Post Hike Spa

If you happen to be staying at the Enchantment Resort, their Mii Amo Spa is rated the number one spa in America, but it’s an exclusive treat for hotel guests only.

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