Day Trips From Fort Lauderdale For An Unforgettable Vacation

‘The Venice of America’ – Fort Lauderdale. The famous coastal city in Florida is loved for its beachfront promenade, “The Strip”, upscale restaurants, bars, and luxury hotels.

While there are many exciting Fort Lauderdale sightseeing tours to enjoy, we’ve narrowed down some of the best day trips to really enhance your holiday.

Day Trip To The Bahamas

A day trip to the Bahamas promises an idyllic escape from the mainland to the paradise island for the day.

Everglades Wildlife Safari

The marshes and swamps bring you up close with alligators, manatees and dolphins, turtles and a variety of wetland birds.

Ten Thousand Islands

The world’s second-largest mangrove forest, the remote chain of islands and mangrove islets, is beautifully wild, rugged, and teeming with wildlife.

Biscayne National Park

Experience four different ecosystems while looking out for the park’s most precious endangered species, such as manatees, sea turtles, and crocodiles.

Deep-Sea Fishing Boat Trip

A deep-sea fishing trip is a unique experience, whether with the whole family or a group of friends – A fun alternative to a day on the beach.

Big Cypress National Preserve

There are scenic driving routes and boardwalks that allow visitors to explore closer to the wetlands. There are plenty of opportunities for kayaking and paddling tours.

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