10 Travel Safety Tips to Put in Place Before You Go


Staying safe while travelling has a lot to do with preparation before you even leave on your trip.

These 10 simple travel safety tips to put in place before you go will go a long way to keeping you safe while you travel.

Travel Insurance

Having travel insurance means you have the peace of mind of emergency medical and evacuation assistance and round-the-clock support when you need it most.

Photograph Your Valuables and Record Serial Numbers

Keep the information stored in a place, such as an email or online space that can be accessed while you are away.

Scan a Copy of Your Passport and Important Documents

Having an electronic copy of your passport means you can leave it in the hotel safe while you are out and about and you still have the details if you need them.

Record Credit Card Details

It will be easier reporting lost or stolen cards to the bank if you have all the details on hand.

Register With Your Embassy

In the event of an emergency whether it’s a natural disaster, civil unrest or even an emergency at home, your embassy knows how to contact you to assist.

Notify Your Bank of Your Travel Plans

If they don’t know your travel plans how are they to know that withdrawal from the ATM in Singapore was you.

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