The start or finishing city for Switzerland’s famous Golden Pass Train Route, and only three hours by train from Zurich, Montreux is a destination in its own right.

Best Things to Do in Montreux 2 Day Itinerary

Day 1

Walk the Lakefront Promenade Take a walk along the scenic lakefront boulevard towards Chillon Castle from the Tourist Information Bureau. Keep an eye out for the palm trees along the boardwalk.

Freddie Mercury Statue

One of the most prominent statues on the lakeside boardwalk is the famous Freddie Mercury statue.

Chillon Castle

Is the most visited historic monument in Switzerland. Located on a small island on the banks of the lakefront; for a medieval castle, it is very easily accessed.

Lake Geneva Boat Cruise

From the Castle, take a one and a half hour Lake Geneva Classical Circular Cruise to the other side of the lake near the Swiss-French border.


Disembark at Vevey Marche and walk along the lakefront until you reach the large aluminium fork installation in the lake.

Day 2

Gruyeres Medieval Castle & Cheese Factory At Gruyeres, you will see the castle up on the hill above the station. It will take about 20 minutes to walk to the castle.

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