The Best Places to Visit in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a unique charm, from the stunning natural attractions, quaint towns and fascinating cities to the rich culture and enthralling historical narrative.  

These are the best places to visit in Bulgaria, including the main Bulgarian cities, starting with the nation’s capital, Sofia.

Sofia The Capital of Bulgaria

The second oldest settlement in Europe, Sofia may be no grand city but certainly shines in cultural richness with many galleries, museums, parks and nightlife.

Belogradchik Rocks

Many of the stones have earnt the titles of things they are thought to resemble, such as The School Girl, The Bear, The Madonna, The Pine Stone etc.

The Black Sea Sozopol Beach

Sozopol Beach is a beautiful ancient fishing village on a narrow peninsula 35 km south of Burgas on the Black Sea coast.


You will find great hotels, resorts, restaurants, and a much more relaxed vibe than some of the larger coastal resort towns such as Varna and Sunny Beach.


The striking central feature, an enormous Monument to Freedom is set against the backdrop of the glorious Viennese designed building known as The Profit Yeilding Building.

Visit the Rock hewn Churches of Ivanovo

These incredible 13th-century churches are carved into rock faces and cliffs with some of the most impressive frescoes we have seen anywhere in the world.

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