The Best of Both Worlds on The Italian Ligurian Coast

On the Ligurian coast in Italy’s north, where the French and Italian Riviera meet is a luxury experience set against an authentic Italian village lifestyle.

If you dare to deviate just a few km’s inland from the popular Riviera resorts of San Remo, Ventimiglia, Bordighera and the like, you will find a series of idyllic medieval villages virtually untouched by tourism.

The Liguria Region

This is a unique find in a time where “authentic” experiences are becoming more Disneyesque than an actual cultural experience.

Pigna Liguria

Indulging in both the French and Italian Riviera on the Ligurian coast, it is the best of both worlds. The ultimate in self-catering accommodation in Liguria.

Indulge in Ligurian Cuisine

The daily Ventimiglia market will have the culinary inclined more than entertained with offerings of fresh bufala mozzarella, homemade pestos – Liguria’s signature sauce and of course truffles.

Wine and Dine in Liguria

Pigna itself and surrounding villages have no shortage of wonderful dining options including fabulous agriturismo restaurants specializing only in local produce.

Authentic Italian Experience

Hiking in Liguria is very popular and the mountain bike trails are quite well known. It is also a very popular spot for cyclists and campers.

The French and Italian Riviera

Sneak off by day to close by Bordighera or San Remo for a day at the beach on the Italian Riviera and be back by sundown to enjoy a relaxing aperitivo in the village without the crowds.

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