Idyllic Faial Island Azores Itinerary Planner

The islands have a strong European heritage rich in history and culture. Visitors to the Azores will also be captivated by the slower pace of life and the almost overwhelming natural beauty.

With so much to experience in the Azores, it can be a bit overwhelming planning your perfect Azores adventure. I have narrowed it down with the best things to do during a week on Faial Island.

Explore Horta

Walking the docks, you won’t come across any flashy charter boats, just rough and ready ocean-going vessels, salty from the thousands of miles put under their keels.

Peter’s Café Sport Bar

The paraphernalia on the walls, the boisterous laughter, the photos of old mariners and the hauntingly beautiful scrimshaw collection set the scene.


The baron slopes are a great reminder of the power of mother nature and the role of the volcanoes in creating the beauty of the Azores.

Natural Swimming Pools

The pools are also a photographer’s dream—the contrast of water, rocks, cliffs and greenery providing fantastic landscape photography opportunities.

The Caldeira

With stunning views of both the crater and the towering Pico island to the east, it is one of the best vantage spots in the Azores.

Whale Watching and Shark Diving

With pristine waters that descend to the black depths of the deep, it’s possible to see humpback, sperm and blue whales as well as different species of dolphins.

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