8 Fantastic Day Trips From Zurich


Zurich, the biggest city in Switzerland, offers a lot to see and do. But to experience the essence of Switzerland, you need to get out of the big city.

Some of Switzerland’s best assets are its natural wonders and charming towns. These fantastic day trips from Zurich will show you Switzerland’s most famous landscapes and experiences.


Located on the banks of Lake Lucerne, Lucerne is a quintessential Swiss town. One of Switzerland’s most beautiful and famous towns for visitors.

Stein am Rhein

The beautifully maintained  half-timbered medieval buildings around Rathausplatz in the old town add glorious splashes of colour to the city with framed bay windows, flower boxes and colourful frescos.

The Rhine Falls

Europe’s biggest waterfall, it never fails to impresses visitors with its sheer power. In summer, the water flows at an impressive rate of 600,000 litres per second.


A key tourist attraction of Bern. You can visit the inside of the tower and learn more about the ancient clock mechanism.


Lausanne is the world headquarters of the Olympics committee, so the Olympic Museum is one of its most popular tourist attractions.


Chocolates and cheese are Switzerland’s trademark products recognised all around the world. A day trip from Zurich to Gruyere offers you both.

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