Europe, one of the most beautiful places in the world to visit continues to be a go-to travel destination all year round.

While there’s no wrong time to visit Europe, there’s certainly a season to suit your personal preferences.

The Best Season to Visit Europe

Spring in Europe

Spring in Europe takes place between March and May. Animals also begin to emerge from hibernation and commence migrations – a wonderful time for wildlife enthusiasts to visit Europe.

Spring is excellent for hiking nearly anywhere in Europe and also for coastal destinations in southern countries such as Valencia in Spain. Or, a tour of  Croatia where late spring offers beautiful weather without the summer crowds is a very affordable and beautiful warm weather escape.

Summer in Europe

Summer in Europe is between June and August and is also peak season in Europe. Perfect for travellers looking to spend long days sunbathing on pristine beaches and soaking up Europe’s unique summer vibe.

Consider island hopping in Greece, summer in Germany, or a summer holiday in Sardinia. Or, a great value for money summer on the Black Sea in the quaint village of Sozopol in Bulgaria.

Autumn takes place between September and November in Europe. It’s the perfect weather for exploring charming villages such as Liguria in Italy, France’s Pyrenees, or southern Spain’s White Villages.

Autumn in Europe

Fall is also the harvest time in Europe which presents many fabulous opportunities to experience harvest festivals and for food travellers to savour regional specialities and the incredible wines Europe is famous for.

Winter takes place between December and February. Explore a glacier, hike a snowy peak, skiing and snowboarding, or festive shopping at Europe’s most magical Christmas markets. Winter in Europe is filled with excitement and festivities.

Winter in Europe

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