Best Places to Visit in Arizona

Home to a fantastic array of natural destinations, there are so many beautiful places to visit in Arizona.

From some of the best hiking in the US to incredible natural and historical monuments – you could easily spend an entire year exploring the Grand Canyon State and still only scratch the surface of Arizona’s natural wonders.

Grand Canyon National Park

One of the first national parks in America, Grand Canyon National Park is considered one of the most iconic and best national parks in the USA.

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park

One of the largest natural travertine bridges in the world sits in the 160-acre Tonto Natural Bridge State Park, tucked in the narrow canyon of Pine Creek.

Monument Valley

Described as one of the most photographed places on earth, Monument Valley is an iconic stretch of land characterized by towering sandstone rock formations sculpted over time.

Horseshoe Bend

The 1.5 miles (2.4 km) round-trip hike from Page to the famous overlook is an easy hike and accessible – it is along a hardened path, and there are shaded stops along the way.

Antelope Canyon

The stunning slot canyon located in the Navajo Nation Reserve is the creation of water erosion, which gives the canyon its smooth, flowing, sensual lines.

Red Rock State Park

The glowing red sandstone canyon covers part of Oak Creek and is surrounded by the Coconino National Forest.

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