Best Hiking Places in the USA

The United States has some of the best hiking trails in the world. Such a vast country, with some of the world’s most iconic national parks, there are countless incredible hiking destinations in the U.S.

Add some of these great hiking destinations to your next US outdoor vacation itinerary, to be rewarded with some of nature’s most outstanding achievements.


Uniquely positioned between the Coconino National Forest, Red Rock State Park, and other protected lands, the city of Sedona provides the base for hundreds of beautiful hiking trails.


The landscape around Nashville offers a variety of quality hiking opportunities for all hiking abilities, all within easy reach of the city.

Joshua Tree National Park

Named after the twisted tree-like succulents that characterize the park’s desert landscape, Joshua Tree National Park offers one of the most fascinating and unique landscapes for hiking.

Olympic National Park

From lush rainforests to alpine regions, rugged coastal wilderness, and immense dry areas, you’ll never get bored hiking in Olympic National Park.


Southern California, famed for its never-ending sunshine, palm-lined beaches, unique desert landscapes, and of course, its beaches.

Grand Canyon

There are many accessible Grand Canyon day hikes for all abilities it would be a shame not to take a peek, escape the crowds and experience the immense natural beauty of the canyon beyond the rim.

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