21 + Best Things to do in Casablanca Morocco


From experiencing modern Morocco to discovering the cities’ ancient heritage, there are enough things to see in Casablanca to keep the average traveler busy for a few days.

Visitors may have to try to discover Casablanca’s less obvious gems, but once you get going, you’ll find that including Casablanca on your Morocco itinerary can be very rewarding.

Visit the Hassan II Mosque

The third-largest Mosque outside of Mecca, the Hassan II Mosque took seven years to build and can accommodate 25,000 worshippers inside and an additional 80,000 outside.

Mahkama Du Pacha

Mahkama Du Pacha was initially a pasha’s residence but is now a government building (hence the guided tour), but it’s a fine example of Moorish architecture.

Get Lost In the Casablanca Medina

Strolling through the Old Medina, you’re unlikely to find real treasures in the fairly non-descript array of shops selling clothing, hardware, and daily necessities.

Walk The Streets-Street Art & Casablanca Architecture

A style known as Mauresque architecture. A walk around Central Casablanca is an activity in its own right and one of the best free things to do in Casablanca.

Moroccan Art Deco

If you stroll down Boulevard Mohammed V, you’ll end up at Place des Nations Unies, a busy square with many restaurants.

Lunch at Marche Central

Tables in the central courtyard are crammed with diners feasting on cheap but filling platters of fish, grilled vegetables, bread, and salads.

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