The Most Scenic River Cruises in Europe

Scenic river cruises in Europe offer a luxurious way to see some of Europe’s stunning cities, towns, and landscapes.

All you need to do is sit back, relax, and indulge as you experience the sights, sounds, and cultures along the shorelines of Europe’s most beautiful rivers.

River Cruises in Holland and Belgium

You will visit some of the most beautiful European cities and towns and enjoy the stunning landscapes of the Netherlands’ iconic windmills and tulips.

Rhine River Cruises

A typical Rhine river cruise route is Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland, which will take you past castles, medieval towns, vineyards, enchanting forests, mountains, and quaint historical cities.

Moselle and Main River Cruises

The Moselle takes you through Germany’s scenic valleys and villages, while the Main heads through forests and medieval towns.

Burgundy, Rhone River, and Provence River Cruise

Wine lovers will enjoy tasting locally produced wine in Beaune and Burgundy, and food lovers will delight in the local cuisine offered in Lyon, France.

Seine River Cruise

Visit Normandy, a city steeped in history. See the charming farmhouse where Claude Monet lived, a setting that inspired many of his most famous works.

Elbe River Cruise

Visiting Berlin and Prague, the “City of a Hundred Spires,” and immerse yourself in culture while enjoying incredible landscapes as you travel down the Elbe.

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