5 Most Popular Castles and Palaces to Visit in Sintra


With more palaces, castles, and beautiful buildings than you have fingers, it’s impossible to see it all in a day.

To help plan your day, I’ve listed five of Sintra’s most famous castles and palaces. Choose two, or three at most, strap on your comfiest shoes, and prepare to be amazed.

Pena Palace |  Palácio da Pena

The famous yellow and red palace glows in the sun, and the ornate interior wows visitors.

The Moorish Castle | Castelo dos Mouros

You can catch a glimpse of the Moorish Castle from the streets of Sintra, as well as from Pena Palace. But the magic lies at the top of the mountain.

Quinta da Regaleira

Renowned for its immaculately landscaped gardens with hidden passageways and vertical tunnels, the Quinta da Regaleira estate never ceases to impress.

National Palace of Sintra

The National Palace is likely the first monument you notice as you enter the historic center of Sintra, its two white cones punctuating the town’s skyline.

Monserrate Palace | Palácio da Monserrate

The stained glass windows, marble columns, symmetrical and geometric details, and impressive Islamic-inspired design offer multiple Instagram-worthy photo ops throughout the property.

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