25 Best Places to Visit in Europe in December


From winter sports to Christmas markets and even glorious winter sun destinations, there are so many unique things to do in Europe in winter.

Witnessing Mother Nature’s most incredible light show, Christmas shopping in some of Europe’s most elegant cities, or visiting the home of Christmas, we have some fantastic destinations to visit in Europe in December.

Bruges Belgium

There is so much to do in Bruges any time of year, but this medieval Belgian gem, located in the heart of Europe, enjoys winter celebrations in the most mesmerizing setting.

Lucerne Switzerland

Visit the 17th-century Italian Renaissance Town Hall and the lovely boulevard in front with restaurants with outdoor seating – even in winter.

Strasbourg France

Explore the bright wooden market stalls for handmade Christmas ornaments, paintings, toys, knitted goods, candies, cheeses, and mulled wine.

Copenhagen Denmark

During December, Copenhagen is full of lights, decorations, and a constant smell of pine around the city, thanks to the Christmas tree vendors.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Walk along the city walls, ride the Dubrovnik Cable Car up to Mount Srđ for stunning views, or do a Game of Thrones tour of all the iconic filming locations.

Lapland Finland

This magnificent, natural winter wonderland is also the home of Christmas. Lapland offers so many unique winter experiences, such as the magic of dog and reindeer sledding through a wintery landscape.

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