10 of the Best Beach Towns in Portugal


Portugal is one of Europe’s most popular summer destinations thanks to the number of stunning beaches and charming beach towns to choose from along the Atlantic Coast.

With so many incredible beach towns to choose from, we’ve narrowed down some of the best beach towns in Portugal to help you plan your next vacation.


With iconic natural attractions like the famous rock formations of Ponta de Piedade and a handful of mesmerizing beaches like Dos Estudiantes Beach, Santa Ana Beach, and Camilo Beach, there is plenty to do in Lagos.


An excellent beach destination as it has the perfect combination of Portuguese heritage with a modern edge thanks to the vibrant surf scene.


Famous for its beautiful beaches, where you can find a large variety of water sports, from parasailing to scuba diving.


The beaches of Amoreira, Odeceixe, and Bordeira at the mouth of the river, where natural lagoons form, are perfect for swimming as you can choose between river or sea.


Visitors can take advantage of scenic hiking trails that trace Sagre’s famous limestone cliffs or cycle on open roads with majestic views of the Atlantic Ocean.


Visit the ladies drying neatly arranged displays of fish on racks on the long stretch of sand on Praia da Nazaré, where fisherman gossip while mending nets in colorful boats.

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