Incredible 3 Day Rome Itinerary 

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DAY 1  Ancient Rome

The Colosseum

The Roman Forum

Once the centre of the Roman Empire and the most magnificent site in all of Europe

Palatine Hill

Lined Circle

A place where emperors fought to live and where Imperial Palaces were extravagant beyond imagination

Lined Circle

Centro  Storico

At the centre of four of Rome’s major crossroads, it is renowned for some of Rome’s most important attractions

Discover some of Rome's most beautiful market places and piazza's such as Piazza Navona.

DAY 2 -Rome City Centre

The Pantheon

Over 2,000 years old, The Pantheon is one of Rome’s best-preserved monuments. It has the largest unsupported and unreinforced concrete dome in the world.

Trevi Fountain

Bernini’s Trevi Fountain is an icon of Rome and shouldn’t be missed.

The Famous  Spanish Steps

Villa Borghese and Borghese Gardens

Villa Borghese is where art lovers can indulge in Roman art without the maddening crowds.

Day 3 -Vatican City

The smallest country in the world but one of Rome’s biggest attractions.

The Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. 

Visit the Basilica and St Peter's Basilica Dome for incredible views over Vatican City. 

St Peter's Basilica

Castel Sant’Angelo

Also known as Hadrian’s Tomb, it is one of the oldest buildings in Rome.

Explore TrAstevere

Trastevere is a vibrant neighbourhood with working-class roots and Bohemian vibe on the western banks of the River Tiber.

Add a second day to your Vatican itinerary with a visit to the Vatican Gardens and to trip to Castel Gandolfo - The Pontifical holiday retreat 28 kms from Rome. 

Optional 4th Day

Lined Circle

Castel Gandolfo

Visit the 17th Century Papal Palace perched above Lake Albano and the beautiful city of Castel Gandolfo.

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