When Is the Best Time to Visit Europe?


There is a season to suit every personal preference. The seasons in Europe are the same for each country throughout the Continent, but not quite in the same way. 

Any season can be a good time to visit Europe; you just need to know what to expect or what you want to do. Let’s take a closer look at the seasons in Europe.

Spring in Europe

The weather in Europe starts warming up in March. Flowers begin to bloom, offering colourful landscapes of vibrant tulip fields and Europe’s best displays of blossom trees.

No matter where in Europe you decide to visit, spring is a beautiful time of year. For travellers looking to explore the great outdoors, the temperature in Europe in May is perfect.

Summer in Europe

Perfect for travellers looking to spend long days sunbathing on pristine beaches and soaking up Europe’s unique summer vibe.

Autumn in Europe

Europe in September is a gorgeous time of year. It is still warm enough for the beach in southern Europe, and the weather and crowds are cooling pleasantly in the north.

Winter in Europe

Explore a glacier, hike a snowy peak, ski and snowboard, or enjoy festive shopping at Europe’s most magical Christmas markets. Winter in Europe is filled with excitement and festivities.

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