The Ultimate Guide to Ometepe, Nicaragua

From thrilling adventures to serene nature reserves, lush rainforests to abundant wildlife, and picturesque beaches to crystal-clear freshwater pools, Ometepe offers it all.

We immersed ourselves in the rich history and archaeological wonders of the island, all while experiencing the genuine hospitality unique to Ometepe.

Volcano Climbing

Our journey to Ometepe began with a plane ride from the south, affording us the rare opportunity to fly around the rim of Concepción’s crater during our descent. It was a breathtaking welcome to the island.

Kayaking Ometepe – The Rio Istian

Enjoy a delightful morning kayaking adventure on Lake Nicaragua, gliding towards the mouth of the Rio Istian. This river traverses the center of the isthmus, seamlessly uniting the island.

Ometepe Wildlife

As you peacefully drift along the river, keep an eye out for caimans basking on the riverbanks, white-faced and howler monkeys frolicking in the trees, and a variety of birds that would excite any birdwatcher.

Ojo de Agua Ometepe

There is Ojo de Agua (Eye of Water), one of those little oasis’ you will remember every time you dream about an idyllic holiday.

Visit Fascinating Archaeological Sites

Ometepe, with more than 1700 recorded petroglyphs is famous for its pre-Columbian history and is renown as one of the most significant rock art areas in the world.

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