Galway, Ireland’s Best Activities and Experiences

We’ll take you through Galway, Ireland’s best activities and experiences, including food tours, and cultural nuggets to help you plan your adventure!

You’ll have a wonderfull time whether wandering through the busy streets with colorful shop fronts, visiting art galleries and quaint cafes, or joining in the camaraderie at traditional pubs where live music is a staple.

Exploring Galway’s Rich History and Culture

We’ve discovered incredible food tours with truly unique gastronomic experiences, and taken amazing excursions through the breathtaking scenery of Ireland’s West coast.

Historical Landmarks and Tours

A guided historical tour will bring you face-to-face with the city’s past, threading through medieval streets to Eyre Square’s bustling heart.

Musical and Artistic Expressions

There’s something magical about Irish music and dance and we’ve found it’s best experienced at Trad on the Prom. You’ll find artistic expressions unfold in galleries and impromptu street performances.

Culinary Delights and Food Experiences

From freshly-caught seafood from the wild Atlantic to the traditional comfort of Irish soda bread baked at local bakeries, you’ll find a delighful culinary experience for everyone in your group.

Natural Wonders and Day Trip Activities

When visiting Galway you’ll get ample time to immerse yourself in nature’s natural wonders, such as the Cliffs of Moher—a majestic natural spectacle and Aillwee Cave, a subterranean beauty!

Water-Based Activities

Galway offers some of the most scenic and fruitful angling spots in Ireland. You can cast your lines in the clear waters of Lough Corrib, renowned for its trout and salmon populations.

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