10 of the Best Beach Towns in Portugal


While there are plenty of world-class surf beaches in Portugal, there is also no shortage of beach towns that will appeal to all styles of beachgoers. Portugal has a beach town for everyone.

With so many incredible beach towns to choose from, we’ve narrowed down some of the best beach towns in Portugal to help you plan your next vacation.


Lagos has many historical attractions and beautiful beaches, such as the Fortress and the Lagos Castle. The Algarve has a rich and varied history independent of Portugal.


Ericeira is an excellent beach destination as it has the perfect combination of Portuguese heritage with a modern edge thanks to the vibrant surf scene.


Albufeira is famous for its beautiful beaches, where you can find a large variety of water sports, from parasailing to scuba diving. There are also plenty of water tour options.


Aljezur feels like a more authentic, timeless version of the Algarve with some of Portugal’s most beautiful, unspoiled beaches.


Sagres is a beautiful, barren, windswept landscape that offers plenty to see and do. It is a mecca for lovers of the outdoors, both on land and at sea.


Nazaré now has the attention of big wave surfers worldwide, chasing the elusive 100-foot wave and snaring the annual Big Wave Surf title.

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