10 Fabulous  Things to do in

Cape Cod

Discover Cape Cods Pilgrim History.

At the Provincetown Museum and Pilgrim Monument

Wine tastings and vineyard tours are very popular on Cape Cod.  The sand-rich soil and windswept climate give regional grapes an intense flavor and a unique varietal character

Wine Tours & Tastings

Explore Lighthouses

 Lighthouses are a significant part of Cape Cod’s maritime history and a top tourist attraction.  You'll find the iconic lighthouses all over the island.

Whale Watching

Witness the majesty of these endangered giants on a whale watching tour.

Island Hopping

Visiting one of the islands off the coast of Massachusetts is a must. Islands such as Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard are quite easy to get to by ferry 


With such a fascinating history, it's not surprising Cape Cod is loaded with Museums covering it's founders through to it's most famous residents and it's rich maritime history. 

Indulge in Seafoood

Cape Cod is famous for its seafood. Have a lobster roll at cheap and cheerful lobster joints or a more refined seafood feast at restaurants like Ocean House - 

Take a ride along the Cape Cod Rail Trail – 25 miles of flat and easy cycling with fantastic Cape Cod views.  

Go For a Bike Ride

Play Golf

Many don't know that Cape Cod has an excellent selection of golf courses dotted along the cape.

Enjoy Cape Cod Beaches

With over 500 miles of beaches, it's no wonder Cape Cod is such a popular summer destination.