Things To Do In Riga Latvia Europe’s Best Kept Secret

As well as a fascinating history, its charm also stems from the wide main streets, lack of traffic and bicycle-friendly culture in the city centre.

There is no shortage of lush city parks making Riga a very walkable and pleasant city to get around.

The Art Nouveau District

With over 800 art nouveau buildings in the city, Riga is referred to as the biggest gallery of work by Russian architect Mikhail Eisenstein.

Visit the Art Nouveau Museum

Stop by the Art Nouveau Museum on Alberta St. to gaze from the foyer at this incredible staircase. That you can do for free; entry to the museum will cost a few euros.

Explore Riga Old Town

Narrow cobblestone streets wind their way past restaurants, museums, galleries and medieval churches, unexpectedly opening up onto squares bustling with street cafes and markets.

Grab a Free Map of Riga Old Town

If you are short on time, stop in at the tourist information centre and pick up a town map to help you find the highlights because there are many.

Take a Riga Walking Tour

Having a guide in such a fascinating city is invaluable, especially with the amount there is to see in Old Town alone.

History of the Cat House Riga

The iconic yellow art nouveau mansion was built in the early twentieth century by a wealthy Latvian merchant. It so happened that the building faced Riga’s Great Guild.

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