2 Days in Porto Itinerary


One of the best cities in Portugal, there is so much to do in Porto. We covered all the great things to do in Porto in this guide, but not everyone has unlimited time in Portugal’s second-largest city.

Whether it’s a cheeky weekend in Porto or a short Porto city break, this two day Porto itinerary ensures you see the best of one of Portugal’s most beautiful cities, even if you only have 48 hrs.

Day 1: Sunrise from the Dom Luís I Bridge

An architectural marvel and worth visiting any time of day, sunrise presents a unique outlook on the Douro and Porto.


Head back over the bridge, where you will find many cafes and bakeries doing the morning trade.

Explore the Ribeira Neighborhood

Take the time to explore the neighbourhood and stroll in the narrow streets. Head to the Praça Ribeira for the famous kaleidoscope of facades.

Day 2: Capela do Senhor da Pedra

Capela do Senhor da Pedra is a chapel built on rocks on the sea. A beautiful place to enjoy the sunrise or even just a morning on the beach.

Visit the Igreja de Santa Clara

What Igreja Santa Clara lacks on the exterior, the church makes up for in spades inside. The Baroque interior is as fascinating as the order of nuns behind the church.


The historical marketplace has been revamped with chef centric food stalls where you’ll find several fresh food stalls where you can try all kinds of Portuguese dishes.

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