Top Activities in Bath, England

Because London has so many things to do, it generally gets the most UK tourism. But one of England’s biggest tourist drawcards outside of London shouldn’t need a reason to visit.

Here are some reasons that might have you hopping a train from London to see this very elegant city.

Visit The Roman Baths in Bath

Considered one of the  best-preserved Roman ruins in the world, the baths were constructed around 70 AD as a grand bathing and social complex utilising the natural hot springs.

Take a Self Guided Walking Tour

Hit the high street for a great mix of high-end and mainstream shopping, or explore the side streets and lanes for the curious, quirky, and just downright cool little shops tucked away in the shadows.

Pulteney Bridge

Looking back over the weir and the Bath skyline, this must be one of the most photographed bridges in the world.

Take a Cruise on The Avon River

You can take one of the cruises down the river to the other side; it is a one-hour round trip, and while it is not very expensive, we found it very inspiring!

Get Rowing – Boat Hire on the Avon River

Hire a quaint little timber rowboat, maybe pack a lunch and kick back while you drift down the river Avon, or pull up alongside at the Bathwick Boatman Restaurant.

The Bath Abbey

The Abbey is famous for its unique gothic architecture. It is still an active church, with hundreds of congregation members and hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

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